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I was doing a Syndicate run in the VOID and after 45 minutes of doing the mission, I went into the elevator. The elevator went up and when it was almost to the top, I went through the floor of the elevator and fell to the bottom. There's a door there but there is no way to get through the door and there's no other way out. I tried using cloud walker and that didn't help. No vents to use nothing. Frustrated for all the items I had gotten, I was forced to quit the mission and was forced to take a mission failure. The screen captures were taken below to show where I was and the time and resources lost trying to get out and go to extraction.

bug.png Bottom of elevator.

Map of elevator, loss of items and time involved.


Mission I was doing.


End of Bug Report Tuesday October 8th, 2019 9:00pm PST 

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Maroo weekly ayatan mission. Orokin tile. Weird door that objective marker indicated as path through but was solid and would not open. The Door doesn't even look like it belongs there. Full F6 screenshots attached in ticket






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#1939141    black boxes around blocking movement

#1939150    black box blocking movement

#1939151    missing door frame

#1939153    missing diagonal platforms

#1939157    tiny hole in PoE map

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Map hole on the Corpus Ice Planet: #1946200

Additional note: Nova's Wormhole can still exit the map if standing at the top of one of the Corpus Ice Planet's diagonal elevators and aiming slightly down but still into the roof of the diagonal tunnel. This diagonal elevator seems to always be beside the tile containing the map hole in the screenshot.

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