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#1991985 [Kasio's Rest Asteroid Base Invisible (apart from two mechanical spheres with red lights on them and a collection of floating turrets)]
although I am not certain it counts as a map hole in the space mission other than the fact it does not visibly appear although I can collide with the base as it is essentially a giant invisible wall
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Ticket #2010229
Maphole: Anomaly, Escaping the Sentient ship into the inner workings of the tile.

Instructions to reproduce found in ticket. Appears to be missing collisions at the coordinates in screenshots.

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I've noticed in some tunnel sections on Europa that there is some sort of static/glitchy high pitch noise that really pierces the ears. Don't know if it is a corrupt sound file or just a nasty sound effect.


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Hydron, Sedna.

Done 20 waves of defense mission in pub, extract and got measly 7k credit of the 1st wave. 4 precious relics weren't in my inventory after the extraction. Had the same problem when opening relic for Volt Prime part but end up getting none. This game is starting to waste a lot of time..

Unable to take screenshot d/t sudden crash after the extraction. Thanks DE

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