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Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

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Eng: on the mission of cetus, one of the hostage guards 600-700 meters from the hostage, in some kind of cave(на миссии цетуса (RU:один из охранников заложника в 600-700 метрах от самого заложника, в какой нибудь пещере), is it a bug or feature?

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Enemies are the big bad


Zone: /Lotus/Levels/Grineer/GrnHangerObj  P: 87, 5.2, 206  H:161  Log: 9232.032 Zone: /Lotus/Levels/Grineer/GrnHangerObj  P: 101, 5.2, 206  H:-156  Log: 9303.154

Enemies also seem to go through the wall, as in actually end up on the other side, like the Shotgunner tries to.

FdYJ2.jpg FdYJS.jpg 

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i was messing around doing a riven on poe solo and managed to get outside the map from the south east side of the map using my archwing i basically flew to the corner then diagnally towards the ocean and clipped outside the map. im able to fly all the way to the unum tower with my arch wing even though its not a solid object. if you fly out to far the map corrects your location and snaps you back into the map. but i was able to recreate the hole.

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