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Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

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perdão se eu estiver no tópico errado, mais os outros estão fechados...

bosses e inimigos bugando.?name=20200909182325_1.jpg?name=20200909182322_1.jpg

jogo esta bugando demais, ja perdi varias missões por conta de chefes que nao aparecem, ou inimigos flutuando pra fora do mapa onde nao posso alcançar, gastei 100 reais no jogo, e nao consigo nem faser fendas simples de espionagem, porque um inimigo saiu pra fora do mapa e nao consigo matar ele pra terminar a missão e abrir a reliquia.

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switching from necramech to excal umbra disabled movement. Entering into operator mode was disabled and skills were unavailable. unstuck did not work.

update upon few tests:
if the necramech is far from excal umbra while trying to exit, will not result in the bug; if the excal umbra is near such that transference results in operator getting in the warframe from the necramech, the bug happens where skills and movement are disabled but excal umbra seems to continue its "specter mode" firing on enemies getting near. Host migration fixes this but if you are the host, leaving the squad will not help most of the time.

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Bit much on the lighting there behind that door. Earth Interception.

Edit: ah right, this thread is meant for tickets. Here's the metadata instead, but it should be obvious where it is anyway:

/Lotus/Levels/Proc/Grineer/GrineerForestInterception/FZOQAA.lp Z: /Lotus/Levels/GrineerForestRemastered/GftInterception02 P: -128, 15, -159  H:-110  Log: 3067.673


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