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[Warframe Concept] Bastion - The Protector (Aura-Based, Buff And Support Frame)

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Protector Warframe - Bastion


“One who would rather defend than strike down a foe, Bastion creates a beacon of hope and strength on the battlefield”


Default Coloration - Bronze and silver metallics.


Playstyle - Aura-based protector and buffing/support frame. He’s there to soak up damage, protect other Tenno and provide support instead of dealing much damage himself.


Appearance - A hulking wall of flesh and metal, covered in scarred and damaged armor. Not plate mail, almost skintight.


His arms and legs are covered in small interlocking scales and joints that with a slight twist lock the limbs in position and allow Bastion to hold a spot against even the heaviest of assaults. Each of the scales pulse with the void energy infused within allowing them to absorb even more damage. These scales will shift, twitch and ripple slightly, removing any illusion of this being actual armor and instead revealing the true fusion of frame and tenno that it is.  On each of his arms are collapsible, hexagonal shields which can project Bastion’s energy in the form of a much larger, honeycomb shield so that Bastion can protect allies.  


Bastion’s torso is covered in the same scales arranged into horizontal bands which can raise up slightly to help deflect attacks and vent excess energy to prevent injury.  


Along his back are two solid plates of armor where his shoulderblades would be, these act as the conduites for all of Bastion’s abilities that reach the Tenno around him, they glow brighter the more power he uses; the only two pristine parts of Bastion.  


Bastion’s helmet could have once resembled a knight ic heavy armor but numerous battles have left it deformed, only two very thin horizontal slits remain allowing Bastion to see, the rest dented in forming what could once have been the outline of a human face.  


The helmet isn’t the only bit of Bastion that has suffered lasting damage.  Every scale and band of his armor has hastily resealed cracks and gouges, seemingly fixed through armor growing back over it leaving light colored scars. His shields, full of holes and cracks even the abundance of void energy within his body couldn’t fully repair; from within these holes and cracks, flickering, misty flashes of light shine when using the shields.


Health - 150 (450 at max)

Power - 100 (150 at max)

Armor - 500

Shields - 150 (450 at max)

Sprint - 0.8

Stamina - 80

Passive - 75% natural resistance to Knockdown/Knockback


Ability 1: Shield Wall/Aegis/Bulwark

Energy Cost: 25 to activate + 5 per second

“Focusing energy into the shields on his arms Bastion projects an energy shield in front of him to block incoming enemy fire”


Upon activating the power Bastion holds out one of his arms and creates a shield of energy 1/2/3/4 meters wide, modified by power range.  This shield blocks 50%/70%/90%/100% of all damage and cannot be walked through and cannot be shot through by anyone but Bastion as well as blocking AOE (Allied Tenno can roll through the shield and a weapon with punchthroug can ignore the shield). Bastion gains immunity from all status effects while the shield is active but can only walk.  The shield always faces where Bastion does. While active Bastion cannot use primary weapons but he can use secondary weapons.  Enemies who come in contact with the shield take 200/400/600/800 impact damage and are knocked prone by the immense amount of energy flowing through them.



Ability 2: Restock

Energy Cost: 25 to activate + 1 per second (drain cost increases by 1 for each ally in the area)

“Bastion uses his energy to restore the health and supplies of his allies”


Upon activating this power Bastion and every ally within 3/6/9/12 meters centered on Bastion gain stamina regeneration of 2/4/6/8 points per second, Health Regen of 1/2/3/4 points per second, 5%/10%/15%/20% faster reload speed and restores 1/2/3/4 rifle ammo per second, 0.5/1/1.5/2 Pistol Ammo per second, 0.5/1/1.5/2 Shotgun ammo per second and 0.25/0.5/0.75/1 Sniper/launcher ammo per second.


Ability 3: Hunker/Lockdown

Energy Cost: 25/50 to activate + 3 per second (drain cost increases by 1 for each ally in the area)

“Fortifying an area around himself, Bastion bolsters the defenses of himself and any surrounding Tenno”


Upon activation Bastion and every ally within 2/3/4/5 meters gain a damage resistance of 50%/60%/70%/80% , affected by power strength, while not moving (Maybe add knockdown resistance as well?).  The bonus is decreased by 60%/50%/40%/30% for each magnitude of movement a Tenno makes (Crouch-walk/Walk/Run). Shooting, reviving or using powers does not does not count as movement but the use of powers while in the radius drains 20/15/10/5 , or 1 per second in the case of continuous powers, points of energy from Bastion because of energy feedback (this is in addition to the energy drain Bastion incurs from using his powers and is not affected by Power Efficiency).



Ability 4: One For All/Unity

Energy Cost: 50/75 to activate + 5 per second (Cost increases by 2 for each ally in the area.

“Bastion becomes a conduit for the traits and powers of all nearby Tenno”


Attempt 1:

Once activated all Tenno within 3/4/6/9 meters, affected by power range and centered on Bastion at all times, share 30%/40%/60%/80% any buffs (power based buffs only, not mods) and use 50%/75%/100%/125% of the highest statistics for each attribute as their own(mods included), both affected by power strength. (Basically, at max rank, if the shields of the group were 600, 300, 1200, and 900, everyone would have 1500 shields, 125% of 1200, the same applies for Health, stamina, armor and possibly even energy).


Attempt 2:

Once activated all Tenno within 3/4/6/9  meters, affected by power range and centered on Bastion at all times, combine and share all their traits at the point of activation and increase total by 25%/50%/75%/100%, affected by power strength. This includes Health, Armor, Shields, Stamina and energy.  If any Tenno with the area would take damage, that damage is removed from the combined Health/Shield pool and damage is reduced by the armor pool instead of their own. While this power is active the energy pool of the group cannot be restored by anything but energy orbs and regeneration.  Any power efficiency/strength/range/duration are not shared with the group but still affect the frame on which they are equipped.  While this power is active, if anyone within the area uses a power it causes a minor power surge, giving an increasing damage buff, 5%/10%/15%/20%  to a maximum of 300 and not affected by power strength, to everyone in the area for the duration of this power.  The buff is additive and affects only powers.
(maybe affect weapons as well, feedback would be appreciated).




Note 1: Unless otherwise stated, while one of Bastion's Powers is in use he cannot gain energy from any source other than ambient regeneration and Energy Orbs.


Note 2: Bastion may have more than one power active but the energy drain stacks.




Second attempt at a Warframe concept, I've really wanted a frame based around AOE toggle/duration skills instead of press and forget, I also want a really defensive fame.  Unity has been especially difficult to figure out, I wan the theme to be a team crowding around Bastion and sharing their strength but figuring out the exact right thing to make it seem liek an Ult is hard. Feedback on that would be especially appreciated.


I cannot promise balance when it comes to the abilities, this is simply a first pass so feedback would be greatly appreciated.  I really wanted to add duration in there somewhere (mostly to prevent Fleeting Expertise BS) but I couldn't think of something. and right now Fleeting would probably break this. I cannot offer art but I tried to give a decent physical description.  Although, I may attempt to do so at a later point after I refine some of the ideas.


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