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Update 15.13


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The Syndicate support are great, but with no ability to controll them they also affect gameplay negatively - no stealth available on any syndicate mission now.


Tried a Capture mission - usually I can take the target from afar, but they messed one of my targets, so he ran away, and the other one almost got away - but this time I was ready, but had to close in which usually I don't do.


Can't even think about trying to do a Rescue mission this way - they will expose us so fast we won't even be able to go trhrough the main door before the hostage will die.


Possible solutions:


1. Allow a player chossing to get no support (I think this will be easiest to implement fast).

2. Allow a "Stealth" build, which player will activate.

3. Allow controll in-mission, with the ability of stopping them from advancing, imposing fire controll, or just activating "Stealth" in-mission. (hardest to do - best for the game - imho)

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Played a couple of Spy 2.0 missions and... well, congratulations! That is pretty much a small version of what I hoped for in a stealth 2.0 update! Stealthy parcours, real benefit for managing it WITHOUT blazing guns. Really nice! Only thing, I would hope for: Put in some lockers with really good loot and lock them, the moment someone triggers the alert. And of course: More of this!




Nerf of drop chance of rare fusion cores on surv t4. rip warframe 


That's the thing, that killed waframe for you? Really?

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  • Syndicate allies will now aid your fight in Syndicate Missions!




Can you please consider adding an option to turn this OFF?


Sometimes we like to go in solo, we don't like or want the company. Besides, these morons have no concept of stealth. If they see something blink, they shoot it. It's just not going to work out. You want to keep it as an option for those who do enjoy it? Great. Make it something you can toggle ON or OFF. Forcing us to have backup dancers on missions? That's just cruel. You've made such great progress, don't tarnish that with this foolish decision.



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