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Update 15.13


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Also, the syndicate standing thing is a huge nerf to high rank players, and a non-issue to low rank players. So much for it being "for the high level players".


For a mastery rank 4 player10k+5k is now going to be 5k+10k, but for a mastery rank 19 player 40k+5k was WAY more than 20k+10k. Not cool.


This. I understand wanting to mitigate Draco but this really crimps things for high rank players. And if you're going to nerf the cap you might want to think about adjusting prices....

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RIP Gold Trim


This makes me sad :(

Yea, everything looks pretty rekt now and considering the fact that there is no "default colors" for attachments on top of no "default gold" color there is no way for players to fix Targis/other Primes.

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Just saying, as a Rank 18 player with almost nothing left to level, the high amount of Standing I was able to get was about the ONLY reason I played the game anymore, so that I could slowly gather all the syndicate mods (trading mod for mod) now this just makes me want to play 2 missions, get my cap, and go.

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  • Updated the North Wind and Shocking Touch Mods to give up to 90% damage to match other elemental Mods.


Aaaaaand we are going to have to change all of our builds...


(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻ ┬─┬



MY Volt Lightning fast build is complete?

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Thanks for nerfing rep.  Makes us long term players really happy, not.  Also, the snow globe thing can be abused, big time.  What's to stop someone from having the same globe from round 1 still going at round 40?  That is a massive amount of HP.

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Syndicate Changes:


Syndicate Daily Quests for Standing have received an Affinity overhaul!  These changes should make Syndicate Missions much more rewarding to complete, in addition to decreasing the Daily Syndicate Standing Cap for non-Syndicate missions.


  • Syndicate Daily Missions now give double the Standing they did previously.
  • Daily Standing caps for non-Syndicate missions for have been reduced by half (remember, this cap is determined by Mastery Rank).  For example:
    • MR 0 could earn 2000 Standing before, now 1000.
    • MR 1 could earn 4000 Standing before, now 2000.
    • MR 2 could earn 6000 Standing before, now 3000.
  • Syndicate Mission Medallions have new standing values:
  • Common Medallions are now worth 500 Standing
  • Uncommon Medallions are now worth 1000 Standing
  • Rare Medallions are still worth 5000 Standing


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Wow. Lots of fixes, changes and a new mode. That will take some time to explore them.


But for the Akjagara. I was hoping for new pistols but more from the Grineer (to replace the Latos of the Lancers in the tutorial) side. Still let's see how these will be.


Quick check in the game, they do a total of 60 damage but mostly in slash. Not sure about how effective that will be. Especialy since i have to see if they are hitscan or not.


You need Dual Skana and Akbolto to craft them?


That means for the Akbolto component to craft from scratch you need 2 Latos, craft one after another into a Boltos (24 hours total), than combine them into Akboltos (36 hours) and then use them with Dual Skana to make the Akjagara (48 hours). Essentialy this is the upgrade (Akjagara) to an upgrade (AkBolto) to an upgrade (Bolto).


Well i could skip the Akbolto part, since i still have one from long ago, but i don't feel like using them up for this. So two days waiting... i can handle that.


Still quite a lot of crafting involved in this one, let's hope they work well despite the slash damage focus.


However why Dual Skans? Consider the length of the pistols and the blades, wouldn't have Fangs been more sensible as crafting component?

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