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Akjagara Multishot Calculation Bug?

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Akjagara seems to fire two slugs per trigger pull (both barrels from one of the pistols) by default. Using maxed Barrel Diffusion and Lethal Torrent for +180% multishot, I'm only getting 3-4 rounds per trigger pull where I would expect to see 5-6 (2+180%=5.6) rounds per trigger pull.


I guess it's calculating based on one bullet then adding one shot (2.8+1=3.8 for 3-4)?


EDIT: Or has base +100% multishot? 100%+180% = 1+280% for the same answer of 3.8.


Is this intended or will this be fixed?



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Does it actually take two rounds from your mag per trigger pull? If not then the two bullets coming out is purely a visual effect and there is nothing to be fixed.

Mogamu showed it on his channel. It actually fires 2 rounds, each dealing their own amount of damage, but only 1 ammo is consumed.

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it's not a visual effect. Both slugs deal damage. the damage listed in arsenal is divided between the two slugs


Also I get consistent 4 slugs coming out with 5 and 6 occuring often so it doesn consider each slug seperately. It's just not too often as would be assumed


I must admit though... when 1 trigger pull procs 5 status effects with correct modding this thing is a damage and status beast. Not the expensive mastery fodder people keep calling it

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