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Abilities Multiplier Damage

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Hi. As you all knwo there is problem with high leveled enemies and Warframe powers being useless making almost 0 damage (not really but it feels like that).

Casting Ultimate (4) ability takes 100 energy and deals only 1500 damage to all targets while our weapon can easy make 8000 damage per shot, some even more.

Why not make them more powerful by giving them Damage Multiplier.
Syndicate weapons have their own bar than fully charged making AoE damage and giving bonus. We can use it to warframe abilities too.

Explanation: Each ability will have its own Ability multiplier bar. By damaging and killing enemies the bar will load like these syndicate and each fully charged will grand +0.5x damage multiplier.

Excalibur Slash dash deals 500 damage (1.0x multiplier)
1.5x multiplier 750 damage
2.0x multiplier 1000 damage
2.5x multiplier 1250 damage
3.0x multiplier 1500 damage
3.5x multplier 1750 damage
4.0x multiplier 2000 damage
4.5x multiplier 2250 damage
5.0x multiplier 2500 damage.

Multipier damage should not have capacity or have limitation up to 30x multiplier

The ability multiplier bar should work little different than syndicate. It should load faster by killing or damaging stronger enemies.

Every time each ability is used, multiplier damage is reseted to 1.0x

You can spam abilities like always but more worth will be not spam and gain multipliers to deal more damage by that same cost of energy.

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