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Hotfix 15.13.8


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oh neat! I thought running an exterminate Syndicate mission with Grineer and Corpus fighting each other was a bug too.
It was the most fun I've had in an exterminate in a long time!  Glad to see it's a feature and not an accident! Well done!!!

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Still no fix for Ceramic and Dark Dagger sugatras not touching the handle. Pictures:







Still no fix for the Tower Defense Laser Countdown Hologram UI being bugged. Pictures:





Still no fix for Foundry device looking like this right after log-in (the two arms should be separated when idle). Pictures:



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You know what else would be great? You reverting the changes made to Prime equipment.

I don't pay for Prime Accessories just to look like an average Tenno. 

They don't need to revert it, just change the default colors so the gold areas are gold, oh and release an orokin color pallet.

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Still no fixes for the various gamepad issues on the PC Edition ( see this post for general details. ). Anyways, the issue is that controlling the game using XInput game pads does not work as expected.  The basic expectation is that you can plug in a xbox 360 ( or Xbox one game pad ) into a computer running the PC edition of the game and have the game behave the same in most ways as to what is seen on the xbox one for the user interface. This problem is reproducible on any computer running windows vista or higher.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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