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Hotfix 15.13.8


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*sighs* I have to post this once more because they refused to fix this or they missed it. I swear this better be fixed by U16, or im going to lose hope in DE



Still No Fix For:

No Mesa Bonuses 



Prime PBR Issues With Targis





Prime PBR Issues With All Weapons & Warframes:





Issue With Syndicate Syandana's Locking: 




Issue With Delayed Prime Rotation:


Delayed prime rotation? It hasnt even been 60 days dude, the rotation takes 90 days. Be patient

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Can we please have PhysX back for Nvidia users? :( im sry  i dont have a link for a thread jsut about it.. cuz i dont erly know what to fill it with.. PhysX has simply been removed with the adition of particle sys 2.0.... that might be ok for amd users but kinda seems unececairy for Nvidia users :(

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Kohm wasn't nerfed -__-


Actually it was. While they did double the damage in exchange for half of the pellet count, DE forgot to increase the status and critical chances accordingly. Status and critical chances are effectively cut in half now, and they also decreased the fire rate on the Kohm and its already painfully slow wind up time.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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