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Archwing Insta-Death

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Ive been experiencing instant deaths while using archwings when im doing melee attacks.

near walls is where is would happen, and its really annoying.

Im not the one dashing at them at ultra high speeds to attack them with melee, it is the game system and therefore players should not be paying the price for game mechanics that go wrong.


please deal with this issue. why not remove collision dmg as a whole until you guys get it fixed?

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I have the same problem. I started playing Archwing melee only, and thought the insta-killing was due to lag, but then i started playing solo and realised i died when fighting in melee too close to walls.

I then switched for my primary and tried to complete the mission without using melee (even though it was excrutiatingly boring) and staying far from walls.

That is, untill i got insta-killed again, far from any wall, without even fighting. I was peacefully navigating through a corpus wreckage solo (no lag involved). Then i tried again. And again.
It happened four times in a row at different places. I guess hitboxes are broken all around the map.

I died randomly for a dozen run before giving up.
This makes the corpus Archwing exterminate mission uncompletable for unlucky solo players, and i haven't tested the other ones.
Guess i won't get the Velocitus anytime soon...

Removing collision damage as Glasody mentionned would be a nice move while we wait for a fix.

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