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Stalker Fake Story In A Poem

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So I got bored today at school, decided to make time worth it..

WARNING: Heavy TL;DR ahead


Here is what I wrote, please consider that this is the first poetic thing I ever wrote in my life..



Oh, dear mark * I just received a stalker mark



Thanks to stalker`s dearest cousin * guess who is it I think you know it



Lech kril will loudly bark * as the stalker f***s me at the park



He will spam his dispel troll * then he will introduce you to the wall



He feels like taking souls * but he hates them vauban balls



they don`t stop to shock * and stalker hates to get stunlock



So he invented the dispel swag * this power forced him to spam



so he had to put natural talent * his build is so stuffed that he says "goddammit"



He once tried thunderbolt mod * but all he got was a face full of bolts



he said this mod is weak & a DUD * so he complained to a fellow DE bud



He neither obeyed nor even gave a %&^# * stalker shot him so hard that till today he is stuck



the stalker went to the dock * to meet up with his doc.



Doctor said dispel will hurt the user * the stalker says  "he is such a loser"



The diagnosis revealed * the stalker`s braton got him pealed



Stalker had to admit * he got mugged because of it



"that thing is so weak" * "I stayed in bed for a week"



"When I came back to work" * "I decided to try a pitch-fork"



"Try it" people said * "It`ll be fun" they said



"I was so helpless back there" * " I got so frustrated that I dropped despair"



"People took it litteral" * "They put a waypoint on my shuriken poster"



"They used a lot of morphics" * "They made it real but it needed a little fix"



"Why is that?" the doctor asked * Stalker`s answer was that the projectiles would spin back



The doctor started to laugh * Stalker wished he had a staff



Stalker looks tough * he needs a hell of a buff



The doctor gave him an idea for stalker 2.0 * he said it`ll make him a hero



He gave him some adorable weapons * a chewy toy and some toy hammers



Stalker then started to mock his doctor * he said his idea was lackluster



He wanted something more bloodthirsty * something that has 5000 DPS at lvl 30



So the doctor shook his head * then he came up with "the dread"



The stalker did like the name * but the stats of it were so lame



When Stalker saw the base damage he was like "wut?" * " I deserve a better plot"



"You should enhance your bot" the doctor said then * "I want a pistol with magazine size of ten"



"That`s weird, it had the exact some number" the doctor said * Stalker asked: "what did?



"the thing you dropped" * "Does it? HOLLY @#%$ !!"



"Go get`em tiger" doctor said * Stalker said indeed he will



So he thought for a moment * rather longer than a moment



The entire morning in fact * then an idea had an impact



he decided to take it back * but the question was how?



He tried the easy way, he dressed in pink and tried to discuss * nobody even said "hey", they kicked him out and he felt disgust



Distrust took its place * in hate he rushed with a great pace



he hid in the dark * waiting for someone to take a deathmark



Rather shortly afterwards * he saw the tenno running in hoards



there was an infestation outbreak * he thought it is loyalty but the reward was 2 alad v coordinates



he took the chance as it was a Phorid * he gave them all marks even though he hates Phorid



But alas, his luck was horrid * he choked to death by a Nova`s Torid



After the tenno left, he started gathering his stuff to go * then he found something that gave him some releif



"This is just what I need!" * "It should help me a lot, I believe"



Of course it is the hate he found * he never knew he had it, but with it stalker would want to be found



so he can get his good old weapon back * but the tenno still beat him due to his biggest lack



He needed a gun * it wasn`t so fun



For him at least * Tenno are beasts



They don`t know pain yet * oh but they will soon enough if you wait



his bow was being built * he didn`t want to feel guilt



so he didn`t rush its build * the item was defective last time he did





The dread is finished * the time has come



he checked his E-MAIL for marks he had sent * he found so few that his hope got bent



then his cousin called * he said Tenno had made him bald!



The stalker said "don`t worry" * "I`ll avenge you little -cuzy-"



He sent the squad deathmarks * the next mission they entered he showed up to one of them



"the blood of cous- er, Kril is on your hands, did you really think there would be no repercussios? * the Tenno were stressed as they were low ranked, so they took cover


But he got one of them, which dropped the despair Blueprint * Stalker wnet to get it when he knew what it meant



to be in agony, as he bled out on the ground * his psyche was at risk Blueprint loss was inbound



He consulted his nephew, Alad V * Alad said "you should always make a deal"



"I get you your shurikens back, and you get me a Nekros warframe for Zanuka, he needs a new scarf" * "Stalker agreed and went on the hunt at Europa`s wharf



he found an event running there * "nice they`ll be busy enough for me to set the snares"



So he tried that, the event was survival * "even better, a bunch of Nekroses", his breather was handy, though not vital



He won`t choke to death * he`ll always have a fancy 5 health



he targeted the Nekros and captured him * SIDE NOTE: the Tenno suffocated without him



When stalker went back to Alad V, he found that he got shot but still lived * the deal was done even though Zanuka is dead



Now that he has a powerful Secondary * He became tough to carry



"Now I hunt, diving your numbers. Watching from that dark place, cataloging your sins, I am the ghost of retribution. You may forget, but you`re not innocent"



 What you think? Any criticism is welcome :)

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