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Update 15.15 + 15.15.01

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Tonbo Polearm available now!


Cut enemies down swiftly and precisely with the Tonbo Polearm. During the darkest days of the Old War many Tenno relied solely on the Tonbo to keep them alive.


Add the Tonbo to your Arsenal by visiting the Market or starting your Clan Research today!




  • Basic information about each Mission will appear when highlighting a node that has multiple Missions.
  • Corpus and Grineer Spy Vaults will now have greater variety in difficulty scaling on higher difficulty.
  • Added objective marker to door hack panel of in Grineer Spy Missions.
  • Changed Corpus vs Grineer Spy Missions on Europa to be Corpus only.
  • Players will now receive a notification when trying to chat in a channel they’ve been banned or muted in.
  • Reduced the number of scans required on the Bomb in the Once Awake Quest.




  • Fixed lasers not disabling in Corpus Spy Missions after the lasers have been destroyed.  
  • Fixed inaccessible Rare Loot Crates and Syndicate Medallions on Grineer Spy Missions.
  • Fixed force fields in Spy Missions not disappearing when destroyed / deactivated.
  • Fixed alarms still being triggerable after data has been extracted in Spy Missions.
  • Fixed Neural Sensors and Neurodes having the wrong descriptions in the Market.


  • Ratka Ballistica now deals 30 damage per uncharged bolt. The damage type is broken down to 15 Puncture, 7.5 Impact and 7.5 Slash.



  • Fixed the Tonbo not appearing in Tenno Research Lab.


If your post in a Hotfix/Update thread includes 'Still no fix for...."


1) Include a link to a relevant bug report/screenshot that has details on reproducibility and the nature of the issue.

Without these details it is increasingly difficult to troubleshoot the specifics involved in resolving a bug.

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Rakta Ballistica Buff, when?


And seriously, the Synoid Gammacor needs to be toned down, even the Brakk is better balanced.


Edit: Well, seems like DE are looking at the Rakta Ballistica, hopefully they won't stop there.

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Still "Alt fire" weapons not being able to zoom even if you bind alt fire and zoom with 2 different keys.


Was expecting some poke animations for this weapon, maybe a poke stance...


Thanks for your work DE.

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So the neural sensors and the neurodes have finaly gotten their description swtiched?
Finaly :3


EDIT: But then again, in the descriptions of both items, they are called differently.

Check the description again, it seems that someone was a little to lazy on switching the description around.

Edited by Cebius
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I need to start keeping track of the number of times Warframe gets an update just as I start it up. This time, the update was released between the time it took the launcher to check for updates (there were none) and me trying to log in...

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