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Update 15.15 + 15.15.01

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Still no fix for "lost thrown weapons" bug. This bug has been around so long it's even noted on the wiki .......

  • Sometimes it will continuously fly around its user in a circular path indefinitely after bouncing off at least 2 objects, such as two adjacent walls, if the user stands back and stays still afterwards. (Possibly intended but its exact mechanics are unknown, however, Rebound and Whirlwind were installed when this was discovered.)
    • Simply installing a max rank Entropy Flight mod will also cause this. The Kestrel is considered flying on a return path the entire time, so it punches through everything it hits. If the player moves too quickly, they will catch the Kestrel; however, if it is carefully maintained, it can continually fly around the player and deal large amounts of damage to everyone in the vicinity.
    • High flight speed, which causes this orbiting behavior, does carry some risk, as a current bug can cause the thrown weapon to disappear, disabling melee for the rest of the level or until the player has died & revived.



Really makes the syndicate mod for the Kestrel worthless......

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Yay! Another staff that requires multiple weapons to craft it!


Why does this bother people? I think having weapons being components isn't that bad, it gives the weapons they make a bit of background in a sense and it just makes them a tad more expensive and means they take a tad longer to make, would you rather they introduce more weapons like the Mitre? That you have to go through RNG to get to?

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