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I had the exact same issue. It would try and download, but it would only get ~1 KB/s speeds, which is hilariously slow.  I tried verifying the cache integrity through the launcher, but it didn't do anything fancy, so I thought it was okay. Then I went into Steam and verified the integrity of the game cache there, and it said that 154 files were missing. I'm currently downloading 6.1 GB through Steam, which I'm guessing is the entire game all over again. Hopefully when it finishes it'll work alright.


What I *did* notice was that when I went into the command prompt and ran a tracert to www.warframe.com, I got a TON of "request timed out" responses. I'm not entirely sure just what all that entails, but I'd imagine it means there's some server disruptions along the path. That's my guess, anyway. I'm hoping just redownloading will fix this, even if it is a real pain to download all that again.

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