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Livestream #5: May 8 @ 2 Pm Edt

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Just a simple question; Will there ever be storyline incorporated into this game? Yes, I know it has not been out of Open Beta that long enough, but still, I'd love to see a storyline within the game rather than just do missions as Lotus tells you to. I mean, I love the game and things, it would just be nice.


Also, will there ever be community gathering place where players with their warframes just show up in this community area where you can talk to other Tennos, or just have all the Inventory/Foundry/Mod Placement stuff there?


And I'd hope to have more Warframe coming up. It'd be cool to see more Warframes I can build and buy :]

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Are there any plans on maybe things like clan or player emblems that are shown on the warframe, like for example on the shoulders? Maybe even user uploaded ones? I think it would be great to enhance optical customization, but it would also need some system to report inappropriate ones, because no community is perfect. :/

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Question 1: Will the Prime Warframes be available exclusively for Open Beta players?


Question 2: Will Update 8 also bring a story line (or a tad bit)?


Question 3: Will there be more significant Lotus relations to the game with the upcoming Orokin tilesets? (and Frost Prime)

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Would you consider having regular alerts provide 1 platinum (cash currency)? this would be a great motivating factor in having people unlock the universe / and run none blueprint ? missions, plus the minor reward would have the player gradually work up to something he/or she actually wants.


do you have any plans on making additional cash shop items (that are currently unavailable) available for players to acquire? and to acquire them in methods other than random alerts/rewards? 

ex. 100-300k blue print cost for orokin catalyst/reactor with even larger materiel cost for construction (like 5k ferrite cost on glaive)

honestly the current system is very  disheartening, it makes me cringe every time i see a short 30min alert for orkin reactor/catalyst and missing it because i was just unlucky on the timing. at this point you could make a strong argument that the orokin reactor/catalyst  being so scarce and random that the system is skewed to pay to win (thats a really bad thing if PVP is ever added or competitive mission leader boards), i hate seeing the fact that a rank 7 teno at most time is on the same plane as or even lower than  a 3 because they are limited by the inability to acquire or work up to getting a orokin reactor/catalyst for their weapon / warframe.  please give us a way to work towards crafting oroking reactor/catalysts


Lastly what are the current plans for implementing rewards for reaching higher mastery or ranks? would you consider having it unlock additional weapon/warframe slots?

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Here is a tip for you folks, dont mention anything that is coming up or else people are going to create some hype about that stuff then be disappointed when release comes because of the hype they themselves created.


So just sit there staring at the camera for an hour and you will be fine.

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Q1. In defense missions after the 5 wave increments can the group get some extra time to gather mods and discuss continuing on before we get the vote menu?

Q2. Is the whole thing with pistols not hitting the target at close range scenarios intended to make players use melee or is it a bug?

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1. Is there going to have a PVP Room ? 

2.The contact can not be seen how to fix it ? (My clan are online we calling on a skype I already change everything to the same but it not working)

3.I see a mocrophone test how it work on speaking in game ?

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Q : Could you add an aura for enemy behind the gate ?  many time when I go though to gate,  I don't know the number of enemy and what's enemy are they (that's make me afraid to go though) sometime I think there are not much enemy but..the truth is 20+ of them all come to me then i died in peace...

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1. Will there ever be more cooperative tasks people can do with each other, so far the only thing that changes with co-op is that you need help opening some doors.

2. Will there be normal human beings (civilians) that the Tenno need to protect from threats, such as defending a city or colony from being infested by the infected, or pillaged by the Grineer and the Corpus?

3. Will we ever get a Steve Warframe sporting pink shorts, or a Rebecca Warframe with cat ears?

4. Can Geoff and Scott read me a bedtime story?

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Would there be any cosmetic skin or additional armor for Frames ? If so, would it be obtainable from alert mission, or only Platinum ?

Is the Scythe going to be on U8?


Thanks you :)

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Hey guys, firstly I'd like to congratulate you for making a successful PVE game, even if its just the beginning!


Questions and Suggestions:



- Will there be a challenge mode enabled, featuring many more enviornmental variants such as a ECM jammer that really messes up the mini-map?

- Will there ever be a mission that requires multiple bosses to be defeated, instead of just one? (In succession, or in pairs, either would be amazing.)

- Will the maximum party limit ever expand from four to five or more?

- Perhaps some areas could range in visibility, such as a thick fog, or a dim area. That'd be awesome.

- Will there be more challenges to complete in a mission, possibly completing it without spending a number of bullets, or completing it without sustaining a certain number of damage would be really interesting.

- Will there be improved defense mission mechanics? (Constructing Turrets to aid in combat, or the like)

- Will there be an advanced tutorial system?

- Will there be a buyback system?

- [Edit] Will there be more background music for different stages?

- [Edit] Will there be different sounds the baddies make? Tired of hearing "Combat formation bravo" and the like.

- [Edit] Will there be more love for clan recognition? (Clan title under the user during missions, etc.)


UI and Chat

- Will there be a better UI coming soon? (Accurate crosshairs, Team Health/Objective Health/shields, Challenge mission progress)

- Will there be an improved Contacts list (Toasts that notify when friends and clan members are online/offline, Blacklist)

- Will Region chat be seen during missions?

- Will Region chat have a chat limiter? (To prevent spam)

- Will there be seperate chat windows when chatting with specific people?



- Will there be a Credit > Platinum (And vice versa if needed) conversion system?

- Will there be more branches of cosmetic customization for Warframes?

- [Edit] Will there be a RGB system for custom Warframe colors?


This is all I have to ask or suggest for now. See you in the Livestream!




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The time is perfect :)

I gonna be there.


If you guys happen to answer at least one of my questions I will be glad^^




Is the current implementation of the Alert Mission system final? Are you currently discussing changes of its reward system? (e.g. change the fixed rewards to random rewards after you finished a ? Alert Mission)



Will we get detailed weapon, warframe and/or sentinel stats that show up in the arsenal and that update with mod bonuses that are equipped?

Currently I am unable to tell if Crit Chance mods are worth for weapon X or not.



Is the new tileset thats comming out with U8 going to be explorable like the previous ones? Or has it even more secrets! Will it have rewarding, alternate routes for players that love climbing?



Will we get custom appearance items for our warframes? Like the ones of the Sentinels? (I would even appreciate Masks, Wings and Tails for my Frost Prime :D)



Are more Sentinels planned?



Why did you (the one responsible*) decide to turn the Prime versions of warframes into a whole new warframe that needs an extra slot instead of an alternate skin like the alternate helmets are?



Is there a chance that we will get mod templates that we can save and use? Its alwys a burden to me and my friends if we want to equip a different warframe or a different weapon becaues we always have to remove and re-equip our mods.



Does the upcomming clan content favor big clans? Or can small clans get all the content just as fast as a huge clan?



Thanks in advance!



Most Important Question:

Is screen shaking getting reduced in the future? The current amount is giving me a hard time enjoying the game at its fullest :(

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Oh! Oh! I have a question! How customisable will the Dojos be? Is it just a tile system, or can we edit what's in the tiles? Could we construct our own little secret areas perhaps? Or have an apparently solid wall actually be intangible and easily walked through into a new tile? Or little pitfall traps? Obstacle courses? :D

Whee excited~

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Two Questions:


1. What Warframe will get it's Prime next?


2. Can the next Warframe that gets it's Prime version be Rhino? (Because it's not fair that our little big brother; Frost gets their Prime before bigger brother Rhino does).


P.S. Rebuff the Stalker. I beat him in a sword fight without Iron Skin in Pluto.

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1. Will the stealth play get reworked/upgraded anytime soon? ( It's pretty hard to be sneaky when your steath attack doesn't even kill the target)


2.  Are there any plans on giving planets some special scenery? (looking more like the planet if you go outside, cause there is grass on pluto at the moment)


3. Will we be seeing any lore advancements soon? (Warframe is a fantastic universe and would love to know more about it)


4.  Is Lotus going to get extensions to her dialogue? (Anything from putting more then "Assault squad coming, it's the Grineer" to just adding "Why did you just break that window?"  Because I like the nicer voice instead of a drill sergeant but it can get a bit redundant.


5. And lastly will current bosses get reworked/future bosses require more strategy and less of a bullet sponge?  Like requiring a tanky warframe and the Trinity to be in the fight?  Or something along the lines with the Jackal where you needed to shoot his legs to bring him down.


All things said this is a awsome game and keep up the good work!

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