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(Ps4) Can't Move In Ship At Times But Can Access Menus With Limited Functionality.

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On a few occasions while in the ship after leaving a public matchmaking party (in ship) after completing a mission my character becomes locked and can not move in the ship. I can select the options button and go through the different menus but if I select Navigation, the planets appear but I can't select between them or get to the sub menus of any planet. I'm forced to restart Warframes.

I'm not sure if it's a particular sequence that occurs.

* It may have happened when I'm in a party and get an invitation. If I accept an invitation it usually tells me it's no longer available but it always removes me from any party I was in.

* it may have happened when I select options and "leave squad".

* it may have happened after everyone has left me.

Posted 23 February 2015 - 08:37 AM (Found the edit button)

It might not be associated with matchmaking. This time after exiting MOD I sellected Navigation from physical terminal and planets froze. At which time my character could not move upon exiting Navigation. I can enter Options and proceed to any menu item (with the exception of Navigation) and function. Upon exiting a menu item it places my character at the physical terminal of exiting menu item, unable to move.

I was successful in an attempt to join a clan member's session. I selected a session and was joined to the party and voted but was disconnected from party. 2nd attempt in clan sessions joined me to a party (possibly same party) in progress (beginning stage). I was able to complete mission and return to ship WITH full mobility!

This has happen again from time to time. If I'm successful in joining a mission from clan select then when I'm returned to my ship I have full movement. However if I fail to get paired with a squad I'm stuck until I either restart Warframes or join a clan session.

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