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people invading your mission


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Yesterday I found something that kinda annoid me. I was playing a missions alone cause nobody was available. No problem so far. Suddenly someone joins me, still no problem...until entered a room where infected would keep coming, so he could just level up. I wanted to continu with the mission but I got stuck on a door that needed 2 people to open...

I find allot of people run though your mission just cleaning up mods or like the example above just go about leveling without actually helping you. Now mod stealing has been the topic of discussion in a couple of other threads so I wont go in to that here. But the running rampages through other peoples missions is something that can really destroy your ingame experience.

A couple of options I thought about:

1) simple dont spew out infinate numbers of enemy's. downside of this is that allot of people (including me) already find the missions fairly simple. (something that can be fixed in a couple of ways but that is something for another topic)

2) missions bonusses. I was thinking in something like the classical style or dmc3. The faster you do it the more bonus you get. Or increase the level complete bonus, there is already something there but this does not give the incentive you want, cause like the example above was just done to level 1 weapon. Something you wont get from completing levels right now.

3)Remove the doors that need 2 people to open or let a single person hack them (when doing single and multiplayer missions) . Since the underlying issue is basicly that the mechanic changes when your not alone anymore. And relying on a second person is something that you cant always do.

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But the point of the game is to play coop. Not to play online really issnt the sollution (more of a work around) cause in that case the issue still continues. Honestly the more I think about it the more I consider option 3 a good alternative.

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