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Dual Frost Fire Nikanas Maybe Prisma Or Something Else

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I was so hyped about this and many of you too: http://www.bestfreepcgame.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Warframe-Best-Free-Pc-FPs-Shooter-Game6.jpg


But no, these are just only a skins, this is not Dual katanas. Sadly

Maybe Void trader could bring us Prisma Dual Nikana, or somekind of event or maybe from Tenno clan

Fire dmg: 30 (left blade)
Cold dmg: 30 (right blade)
Spin Attack: 320
Leap Attack 160
Wall Attack 160
Attack Speed 1.3
Critical Chance 15%
Critical Multiplier 150%
Status chance 25%
Stamina 14

Left Blade will be on fire special effect and right nikana cold effects.
And mixed Colours:
Appearance. Changing these colours will change colours of Left Nikana Blade and handle of the sword and on Right nikana scabbard
Changing attachments colours will change colours of Right Nikana Blade and handle of the sword and on left nikana scabbard.

All people who bought Gemini nikana sheatch skin will have this same skin available in Prisma Dual Nikana
Have colours in that way we will be abble to have dual nikanas coloured like on this picture http://www.bestfreepcgame.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Warframe-Best-Free-Pc-FPs-Shooter-Game6.jpg


And make for this weapon special Stance. Maybe to buy from Void trader: Or just add to game new stance for dual axes and Dual nikanas can use Dual axe stances.

While attacking with combos single left swing will have fire status chance and dmg, right swing will have cold status chance and dmg, and attack with dual swing (2 swings at the same time will deal 200% dmg) will have blast status chance.
If you combine other elemnts to have for example Viral and Radiation then 2 swings at the same time will deal 200% dmg and have both status chance.

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