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      General Bug Report Guidelines - Please Read   31/03/16

      ***Before posting in General bugs, make sure your report doesn't belong in any of our other bug categories.***   Bug reports are the key to identifying and fixing issues in Warframe. We rely on our forums heavily for identification of bugs plaguing Tenno in the field. In order to improve on our ability to act on bugs, there are some steps you can take to help us keep the forum organized. This will help our team to prioritize fixes, allowing us to serve the community where we are needed most. Before posting on the bug forums, please read the following guidelines:

      1) Search! Check to see if your bug has already been reported using our search function within the appropriate bug forum. If the issue has been reported previously, please comment on that thread instead of making a new one. In addition, some problems can only be solved by support; be sure to read this thread if you are unsure of where to submit your report.
      2) Separate! If you have found multiple bugs, please separate them into one bug per thread. Even if the same item/ability/etc. is affected by multiple issues, keep them separated unless they are very closely linked, or the same bug can be recreated in two or more ways.
      3) Specify! Make sure that your thread title is informative, indicating:
      a. Which element(s) of the game are affected
      b. How the bug affects these elements
           Helpful titles:
      Unable to perform melee finishers after using Ash's Teleport
      Event Badge in wrong position on Sentinels
      Players can enter Conclave matches with improper Conclave ratings
      Unhelpful titles:
      Weird/Awesome/Gamebreaking Bug
      Uhhh, So This Happened...
      DE, This Bug Needs To Be Fixed NOW!!!!   Ensure that your bug report includes as many details as possible and that the report is made in the proper section. If possible, include any screenshots of the problem. If you know how the bug is reproduced, be sure to include that information as well.

      Thank you for helping us make Warframe the best game it can be! 
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      Getting Support - Common Issues   20/04/16

      Have an issue? Unsure if we can help? Warframe's support team can assist you with the following common issues and concerns! 

      *Take care of reading through the instructions before sending in your Support ticket. An organized and detailed ticket will better help the agent answer and fulfill your request.* 
      "I accidentally purchased the same item twice."
      Before sending in a support ticket please choose which item you would like to keep and start using it! Support tries to have as little impact on your play time as possible; we're able to see which of the two items you aren't using and remove it from your inventory (even while you're logged in). 

      Please note: We will not perform refunds on items that have been used - Leveled items or items with any Affinity are not eligible for refunds. 

      "I accidentally purchased an item and would like a refund" 
      Platinum refunds can usually be processed, as long as you submit your request immediately after your purchase and the item has not been used. 

      "I sold an item by mistake, is there any way I can have it back?"
      Absolutely! In order to have the item restored please contact us as soon as possible after the sale - we have a limited window of time allocated to reversing this process.

      Please make sure you have an open Warframe / weapon slot for the item(s) you sold. Should you not have enough slots available at the time of the reversal, we will contact you to let you know that you need to make room in your inventory. 

      "I started building something in the Foundry that I didn't mean to."
      If the item is finished, please do not claim it. We cannot refund foundry items once they are claimed by the player. Unclaimed items will have the full construction costs refunded.

      "I purchased a skin, but I can't find it."
      Before sending in a support ticket, go to your Arsenal and browse for the purchased skin. You can search for and equip skins by clicking on the Appearance tab next to the item you want to customize.  If you experience difficulties, contact Support and we can verify that you have the item and further assist you with equipping it. 

      "I dissolved a mod by accident!"
      Should you find you are missing any specific mod, please provide us with the name, rank, and the day you last saw the mod in your inventory.
      "I accidentally used a Forma on an item!"
      If you accidentally polarized your item, please file a support ticket immediately and refrain from using the item in question until we get back to you.

      In the ticket, please specify the item that you applied the Forma to and what polarity you intended to add.    "I didn't receive my rewards from the event!"
      We kindly ask you repeat any events/missions if they are still available. Please keep in mind that we are unable to advance you towards the next step/level of the event (if there is one) and cannot change any end of mission scores. If you are still missing rewards after repeating, please wait until after the event has ended and the rewards have been given out. Once the event has concluded contact Support as soon as possible. 

      Since certain events have immediate rewards while others do not, please check our website / Forums / social media for any announcements about the distribution of event rewards.

      "My game crashed during a mission” or “My game was unable to update the account information and the progress was not saved.”
      Depending on the mission you played, try to re-join the session to receive your rewards. Please note that only the end of mission rewards (5 minute / round rewards) are recoverable. Pickups from the mission itself cannot be recovered by the support team.  If you are crashing or experiencing errors regularly, please create a support ticket in the most appropriate technical category so we can do our best to help you solve any networking / system problems you are experiencing. If possible, please also send your EE.log in a ticket immediately after the incident. EE.logs can be found in /%localappdata%/Warframe on your PC. 

      “I want to change my email address / delete my account”
      If you wish to update your account’s email address or have your account removed permanently, you will need to contact support and verify that you are the account creator.   “I have purchased Platinum/Prime Access, but have not received it yet”
      Usually purchases are applied to your account almost immediately, but depending on the payment method used (i.e. mobile payments) it can take up to 48 hours for your order to appear in-game.

      If you have not received your purchase after 48 hours, please create a ticket with the following information so that we can assist you as quickly as possible: Choice of payment service (Paypal, credit card, etc.) Date and time of payment Screenshots of the confirmation for the purchase, including the transaction/order number Mobile phone number used, if payment was made through mobile service Item purchased (Prime Access Package, 1000 Platinum bundle, etc.)   Experiencing issues that were not listed above? The following links are also at your disposal: Support’s Knowledge Base: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us  Trading Guide - FAQ, Tips, and Guidelines: https://forums.warframe.com/announcement/44-trading-guide-faq-tips-guidelines/   Got a problem? We can help you! Contact us here. 


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Using Warframe Powers To Overcome In-Game Bugs

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Hey, guys. First of all, I didn't really know where to put this topic so I just put it in the Bugs section where I thought it would serve it's purpose the best, and apologies if a topic like this is already out there.


Now let's get down to business.

Although the mods are working hard to fix the existing bugs, in the meantime here are some ways you can use your Warframe powers to overcome simple but game-interrupting bugs

1. Can't find enemies stuck within walls

This bug is especially painful on Defense missions. I've encountered them on Infestation defense missions(spaceship environment). You can hear the enemies, but you don't really know where they are, and sometimes, even the indicators on the map are misleading. You can't proceed to the next wave.

Loki's Decoy will fire towards the direction of an enemy that's close by(and by close by, I mean about roughly 1/3 the size of a spaceship defense map's main room. It also helps to follow the shot's trails. Once you know more or less where they are, an area damage ability like Mag's Crush will do the trick. No need to restart the mission!

2. Hostage suddenly refusing to move

This can be hair-pulling annoying at times. A simple remedy is to use Mag's Pull on the hostage and they should follow you. If they stop again, just Pull again.


I'll post more of these when I find them in-game. Feel free to add more if you find some too.

Happy bug-hunting, fellow Tenno mates!

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I find it that if you're quick enough to rush to extraction, you can leave the hostage behind if he gets stuck on something.

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1) about stuck enemies.

Anyone with enemy radar mod or artifact can easily find a stuckie.

Other than that Banshee is your friend. Sonar will make enemies appear on minimap and sound quake will kill them no matter where they are, as long as you are close enough. It also kills them through walls. Both abilities have insane range with Reach mod (Sonar has smth around 60meter radius, so its quite easy to cover entire map when standing in the middle).


2) about the hostage.

my friend was successfully unstucking him with switch teleport as Loki.

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If your melee moves lock up on you "IE the "E" key won't fire melee try swapping weapons, or firing off any ability.  This will immediately unlock the key again.


Hope that helps someone, great thread

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Good to know.  Was going to suggest the Loki Switch Teleport for stuck captives, but someone beat me to it.

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I find it's better to just leave the brain dead hostage where he is when stuck and rush my way to extraction. It works better for me at least, playing as Ash with a maxed out Sprint mod recently.

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Another handy thing to bear in mind is that if you just press on the enemy that is stuck inside terrain will despawn and reappear elsewhere.

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