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[suggestion] weapon accessories


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hiya guys!

heres a suggestion for platinum only weapn modifications; weapon accessories.

weapon accessories would take up a mod slot, but would provide an entirely different effect than regular mods. they would also be universal to all weapons

some ideas i had were;

scope; makes any gun zoom in like a sniper rifle

atuomatic; makes any gun atuomatic

semi-automatic; makes any gun semi-automatic would defeat the purpose really...

burn; all attacks deal 5 damage per three seconds for 30 seconds

freeze; all attacks slow an enemy by 25%

electric; all attacks deal +50% damage was alittle to... over the top.

overclock; firing rate is doubled would make a lot of guns WAY OP.

lets see your ideas guys, what kind of things like this would you like to see?

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No offense, but this would make this game Pay 2 Win, the elemental effects you stated already exist, and the other suggestions would either be overpowered, or pointless.

A platinum artifact system may work, in which you purchase for a box (warframe or weapon), in which you open, that contains a high-rarity artifact your level or higher. These artifacts would have a higher chance of multi-effects, and are universal, the warframe box artifact works for all warframes, and the weapon box artifact works for all weapons. (subject for adjustment)

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I just lol'd my &#! off when I read this...Thank you good sir, for the Bud light on my monitor

Lemme get this straight... you essentially want special, extra powerful mods that you can only get through paying money? This is gonna go well...

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