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Blocking / Parrying?


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This would be nice for those annoying meele enemys that stuns you when they hit you once.

No, i think the melee just neads some tweaks with evasion. The whole point of enemies stunning you is to stop you abusing the charge by just running up to them and spamming it with no heed to timing or positioning. Allowing enemies to stun the player means you have to position yourself well when you begin the charge, time it well so it goes off when its just in range, or stagger enemies first with a few light attacks/shots from a gun. The melee system is meant to be executed quickly, simply (not wanting to dumb it down, but stuff like combos don't suit it), and with a fair bit of finesse, and just allowing players to run up and bait blocks undermines this. Counters perhaps could be added as a power, say, use it and it gives you a few active frames in which you instakill any enemy that attacks you (in exchange for some power), but run of the mill blocking and parrying doesnt fit well with the aesthetic or combat flow. The devs are on to something really special with this game; they shouldn't copy everything that came before it and mess it up into just any old generic third person action garbage.

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I think that blocking and parrying are slightly useless but they would be cool. Also they are kind of negated by the fact that all Warframes have at least a single ability to prevent enemies from attacking you,


Exacalibur's 'Radial Blind',

Loki's 'Decoy' (They attack the decoy instead of you),

Mag's 'Bullet Attractor',

Volt's 'Electric Shield',

Rhino's 'Rhino Skin & Rhino Stomp',

Trinity's 'Link',

Ember's 'Overheat'

and Ash's 'Smoke Bomb'.

Plus melee attacks can be easily evaded or you can kill the enemy before they get to attack you. However those Grineer units that do stun melee attack when you get too close, in that case I could understand the point of a block.

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I suppose that would be true, but if you were desperately running out of health and mana wouldn't you be seeking a way out of the situation and therefore not really have time for blocking/ parrying?

Nah, I like to stay and fight till death.

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