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Several Bugs I'd like to report


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I know, that I'm one of the many of thousands of people reporting bugs, but I just didn't want to created a topic for every bug I found, so I'll briefly describe them here:

1)Bronco pistol's 'clip' upgrade in its upgrade tree doesn't increase the clip. As a result, you start with 2 clips and you continue with them even after allocating the skill point. I guess it uses some kind of percentage formula for every pistol-upgrade-tree. At least ONE additional shot in a clip would be nice enough.

2)Sometimes when using melee attacks while Bronco is held in a hand causes it to 'lock' the reload. Let me explain: I use melee attack - green circle indicating a reload of weapon appears on the screen - I can't fire Bronco during that time ultil I use sprint for some time and/or manually tap reload button during that time.

3)Some mods with low(say +2 or +5%) bonuses do not work on initially low-scaled weapons. As in: I have a mod +5% clip capacity and on some pistols it doesn't increase anything and shows that clip won't be increased in brackets. Is it intentional?

4)'?' Alerts give artifact/rare reward only to the host of the alert, if it's an online or private game. If it's intended, then put some kind of warning about it, please.

5)In online or private games with other people there's a bug with physics while using bolto. When I kill an enemy(and when I'm not a host), the host can see the body fly away and cling to the wall as it should, but I: 1) don't see any damage fly over the an enemy, but it deals damage and 2) The body just disappears as soon as I kill him, and on that location there's an invisible 'blocker' as if enemy was still standing there, which I cannot pass through.

6) In the inventory: when I have 1 slot left and I try to retrieve a weapon from foundry, it says that the inventory is full. So that means I have to remove one of the weapons, so that there are TWO free slots, to get one weapon from foundry. I tried prior to 5.4, maybe it's fixed now, I'm not sure.

Thank you for your attention. I hope this helps.

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