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Hostages AI


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Actually, the freed hostages follow you everywhere, seriously EVERYWHERE.

Just a few minutes ago I was doing a random quest to try out the new hammer (Awesome, I've got to say :D), and to level it up a bit, so whenever a not-too-big group of enemy approached I would just use iron skin and go hammering them.

After freeing the hostage I tought I could do the same so after being a bit near a wall (where the hostage was hiding too) I rush thowards the enemy just to find my hostage coming with me and started running around me like a kid while I couldn't keep track of the enemies because I was thinking about his safety.

The hostages should hide behind a wall when enemies approach and not run into the enemies with me, nor should they run around me. Not even Grineers have such stupid AI.

Also, why does he have a gun if he doesn't use it?

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