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Last Chance For Frost Prime Parts In The Void

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Frost Prime, Latron Prime and Reaper Prime Parts to enter Prime Vault


The mysteries of The Void have always presented unique challenges.  The well-protected Orokin Towers have been known to house Prime technologies, but there is word from beyond the realms of normal space that a part of this is evolving.  On March 24th, Frost Prime, Latron Prime, and Reaper Prime will enter the Prime Vault, with all of their crafting parts abolished from The Void.  If you already wield the power of these Primes, they will remain in your inventory. 


Tenno, this week is your last chance to enter The Void in order to collect and craft these items, be sure to take advantage.  The Prime Vault, an archive outside of Tenno reach, will house this gear. 


As a responsive measure, Cephalon Suda’s final Syndicate sacrifice, the Frost Prime helmet, will be replaced with Nova Prime’s helmet. 


While the Prime Vault is new, it can open it's doors at any time. 




Just a quick heads up to get your Frost/Reaper/Latron Prime parts in the Void today before they get moved to the Prime Vault!



Will my inventory blueprints be removed too?!

Nope. Anything in your Inventory/Foundry after the removal will stay.


Are these parts gone forever?!

Nope. Items in the Prime Vault have the chance to come back at a later date.


Can I still trade Frost/Reaper/Latron Prime parts after the removal??

Yes you can!

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can i ask just /// WHY?! 

i have them but why?





:D oh i see... so u can buy it at void vulte or somthing like that after this update...


that's its a good thing then :D

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Well, time to grind alot of these and wait some months and then make profit. Hehe.


Looks like he's joining excalibur prime.


2 primes 1 vault ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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can i ask just /// WHY?! 

i have them but why?



Maybe to reduce dilution for the incoming primes?


Since more stuff in the void, less chance you have to get the item you want.


Hopefully they'll either rotate them or he'll most likely come back when the void "explodes".

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What the?


Frost Prime has been my main since 2013. How could you imprison him in your Vault? 


How could you simply discard him like this....?



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Mhhh.. good for some people who will trade this stuff..or bad? I think it depends :s (at least I think the price will go up)

mhhh..and nova prime helmet for Cephalon Suda?... good thing I am already at the highest rank xD (nova prime helmet farm was really...well... long <.<')


Anyway, thanks for the information ^^



Oh, and I hope you all are ready for the threads about this "prime vault" and how this may "ruin the game (again) a little bit more (maybe)" and all the "WHYYY?!?!?!!1" questions....Dis gon be good o3o



but hey, maybe the droptables will be better?... i hope? please?... eventually?..ok (._. )

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I don't see a reason to do this.

DE doesn't state the reasoning behind this.

Will he come back? DE doesn't make things clear.


Hate to outright bash DE, but it looks like an idiotic decision to me.


Edit: I don't exactly like how much timed exclusive different-stat items warframe has, and I'd hate to see even more.

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can i ask just /// WHY?! 

i have them but why?




Its not like we're talking about random weapon that no one used anyway, like the boar. Its Frost Prime for crying out loud.

I kinda want to be able to explain to new players why they can't have him.

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