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Ps4: Stolen Dreams


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What are the Arcane Codices?
A new character and a completely revamped version of Spy Mode await you in the Stolen Dreams Quest. Embrace your inner secret agent, Tenno!
The Grineer have put out a capture order for a thief named Maroo – they claim she double crossed them and has sold precious Arcane Codices to the Corpus. Concerned for Maroo’s safety – and excited at the idea of a new Arcane Codex – the Lotus is requesting that you bring Maroo in.
Think fast, Tenno! You must plan your actions quickly and accordingly in this Quest. Failure to do so may alert the enemy to your presence and the Arcane Codex data may be destroyed.
Complete this Quest and you’ll be rewarded with an Ether Dagger Blueprint and a Catalyst Blueprint.
This new Quest is available for all players Mastery Rank 3 or greater.
Tactical Alerts:
Overtake (Coming April 2nd)
Phoenix Intercept (Coming April 16th)
Tenno Reinforcements:
- Expressing the martial finesse and skill of its master, the Uru Sugatra complements the Uru Syandana used in the Tenno Absolution Ceremony.
- The design of these hard-hitting dual pistols is a mix of organic and bladed elements.
-Cut enemies down swiftly and precisely with the Tonbo Polearm. During the darkest days of the Old War many Tenno relied solely on the Tonbo to keep them alive.
- The energy flowing within this sheath changes to match the blade within it. The Nikana will cause the energy to flow like the current of a river, while the Dragon Nikana causes the sheath to rage with molten fury.
Wyrmius, the most anticipated Warframe-themed; side-scrolling mini game of the year is here!
Use Wyrm’s signature laser rifle to blast through increasingly challenging enemies in this Sentinel-based space shooter.
 To play, visit your Arsenal and Equip Wyrm. Visit ‘Appearance’ and select the ‘W’ loadout at the top of the screen. Could it be any simpler? Yes, yes it could be but it’s not.
Shoot ‘em up, Tenno!
 Liset lacking flair? Is its décor the saddest in the Solar System?
Electrify Liset interior design with the new Volt Noggle, terrify space dust bunnies with the Elite Arid Lancer Noggle or acquire a token reminder of that time you whooped the baddest Saturn System boss with the new Sargas Ruk Noggle.
Add style so good it's practically toxic with the new Saryn Noggle, distract Liset guests from that mess your Kubrow made with the Ash Noggle, or give your Liset that angry Corpus boss vibe with the Alad V Noggle. The best part? You'll never have to dust them!
The best part? Ask them a question and they'll always agree!
Pick up these agreeable new Noggles in the Market today.
Each glows more intensely with achieved feats achieved in mission.
Wear your accomplishments and allegiance with pride by donning these six new Syndicate Syandanas!
The Telos, Synoid, Sancti, Secura, Asita Raka and Vaykor Syandanas glow with increased intensity as different accomplishments are achieved in missions
TELOS SYANDANA - With every enemy struck down the Telos Syandana glows stronger.
SYNOID SYANDANA - The Synoid Syandana glows more brightly with every scan performed.
SANCTI SYANDANA - The Sancti Syandana pulses every time the Tenno uses an ability and continues to strengthen with each ability used.
SECURA SYANDANA - This Secura Syandana pulses every time a Tenno picks up credits and glows brighter as their wealth increases.
ASITA RAKTA SYANDANA - This Asita Rakta Syandana ignites a jet of flames that burns brighter with each stealth takedown.
VAYKOR SYANDANA - The Vaykor Syandana flares up whenever the Tenno takes damage.
Obtain these Syandanas through Syndicate Offerings. You must reach the highest Syndicate Standing to purchase the associated Syandana.
Missions with multiple factions will now have their Node labeled as Crossfire -- a new type of mission where Tenno can move amongst factions that are already engaged in combat with one another!
These Crossfire Missions will feature multiple factions, with objectives that are independent from either faction’s goals or motivations.
Crossfire Nodes are only available as Exterminate Missions, for now.
Crossfire Syndicate Missions will still have Medallions available for pickup.
Crossfire Missions are Available on Mars - Arval, Silvanus, and Ultor.
SPY 2.0:
While our old Spy game mode certainly had small spy-like focus in stealing intel, most of the time players were happy to loudly murder their way through the enemy to get the job done.  Who could blame anyone?  That’s why we sat down and gave Spy a total overhaul.
With new elements focused on avoiding laser grids and sneaking past guards, stealth is paramount in Spy 2.0.  Being detected will mean losing rewards and bonus Affinity, even when the Mission is complete.  
The following nodes have been updated to include this new Spy game mode:

Mercury - Suisei
Venus - Vesper, Unda
Mars - Martialis
Jupiter - Adrastea
Saturn - Titan, Aegaeon
Uranus - Umbriel, Rosalind
Neptune - Sao, Laomedeia
Pluto - Oceanum
Ceres - Lex, Hapke
Eris - Cyath, Gnathos
Sedna - Tikoloshe, Scylla
Europa - Armaros, Valac
Phobos - Grildrig, Shklovsky

Stealth Finisher/Affinity Updates:                                                                                                          
Joining our updated Spy 2.0 are some exciting improvements to stealth combat!  Players will now find that sneaking around each Mission may come with some excellent rewards.  These alterations to stealth gameplay will continue to evolve based upon player feedback, but for now stealth aficionados can sink their teeth into the following changes:
- Stealth Streaks are here! Stealth kills can now receive Affinity multipliers if done in succession.  Players will have 30 seconds from one stealth kill to the next to increase their Affinity multiplier, which goes up to 5x for melee and 2x for Ranged!  
- Finisher damage will now increase based on weapon rank and enemy level. Finisher Damage for stealth kills capped at 8x damage with max rank melee weapon!
- The UI will inform you of your Stealth Streak where buff timers are usually located!
Particle System 2.0 for Consoles:
For a long time Warframe’s awesome particle effects have been locked behind Nvidia-specific graphic cards -- no more!  All players should notice some increased particles attached to Warframe Abilities, and other in-game effects.
Two New Trophies:
What A Nightmare - Complete 10 Nightmare missions.
Hive Five! - Complete any 5 Hive Infestation missions. 
General Improvements:

We’ve made a wide variety of improvements to Warframe in some obvious, and not-so-obvious ways.  The following is a quick list of changes we’ve made, and where you’ll notice them the most!
- Lip Sync Improvements:  The Lotus, and many other characters you see in Transmissions, have had graphical improvements made to their lip sync animations.
- Dynamic Exposure:  Light sources change the way we perceive our surroundings, potentially turning a well-lit cave into a menacing cavern.  Our new Dynamic Exposure will help better the immersion in Warframe, making the light sources in game far more real as you traverse environments. Seeing a consistent image across broad range of game lighting is biggest benefit of this new Dynamic Exposure!                                                                    
- Ambient Occlusion:  Just like how Dynamic Exposure will change the way light is perceived in Warframe, Ambient Occlusion will do the same for shadows.  By using this more intelligent shading and rendering technique we’re furthering our work on more realistic lighting, and the differences in levels with heavy or varied light sources should be quite apparent!
- Reverb 2.0: Just like Dynamic Exposure will change the way we see light sources in game, Reverb 2.0 will add another layer to Warframe’s immersion.  Now enemies shouting at you down long hallways will echo, and weapon fire in open amphitheatres will sound much more pronounced as the sound bounces off walls.  This system is still a work in progress, but if you happen to hear a dramatic increase in sound quality then you know the reason why!
- General PBR Updates:  PBR graphical updates have been slow and steady these past few months.  From weapons to Warframes and environmental textures we’ve put a lot of work into making every part of Warframe that much more visually stunning -- and we have no plans of stopping.  More PBR updates will continue over the following months, so if your Orthos or Boltor Prime happens to be looking a bit sleeker it’s not just you.

Rebalanced Mission Nodes:

The following Mission Nodes on the Star Chart have had missing and mismatched rewards fixed.
- Ceres - Bode (Capture)
- Phobos - Limtoc, Todd (Capture)
- Uranus - Trinculo (Capture)
- Europa - Valefor (Excavation)
- Europa - Zagan, Morax (Exterminate)
- Eris - Viver (Hive)
- Sedna - Undine (Sabotage)
- Europa - Gamygyn (Sabotage)
- In addition, changes have been made for Defense, Survival, Mobile Defense, Exterminate and Rescue.  Previously these Missions were not properly balanced to reflect the Mission's enemy levels, sometimes resulting in fewer enemies than intended in higher level Missions and more at lower level Missions.

Survival Spawning Update:

To simulate waves and grouped up enemies, previously survival enemy spawns cycled on and off for short periods of time.  While it was a simple way of adding the desired pacing, we found that it was possible for players to get 'in sync' with killing enemies at certain times which left gaps of time where there were no enemies to kill and no enemies spawning, especially in higher level Missions with four players.
Spawning now fluctuates dynamically with each enemy spawned.  Max spawn rate is the same, but it's now the time between individual enemy spawns which changes instead of a blanket 'on' or 'off' state for all enemy spawning.  Hopefully you will start to see more consistent spawning in higher level Missions with four players, as well as squads of enemies attacking together.  In our tests we found that there wasn't a notable difference in low level Missions.
Small life support drop rate was tweaked to compensate for the changes.
Star Chart node changes have been made to balance the available nodes across factions, tilesets and difficulty.  The following nodes have received changes:
- Saturn - Keeler: Changed Survival node to Grineer Asteroid Mobile Defense
- Saturn-  Cassini: Changed to Asteroid tileset (was Galleon)
- Phobos - Flimnap: New Survival Grineer Asteroid node (was Deception)
- Europa - Zagan: New Survival Corpus ship (was Exterminate)
- Neptune - Despina: New Survival Corpus ship (was Defense)
- Ceres - Nuovo: Changed to Galleon tileset (was Shipyards tileset)

Defense and Mobile Defense Pod Health Scaling:

- Objective Pods for Defense Missions now have their health set to fixed values based on the enemy level (it used to be randomly with the node’s level range on each mission; it is now always the maximum for the range).
- Objective Pods for Mobile Defense Missions will now scale with enemy level (no more 2000 Health Pods for TIV MD!)
- Shields and Armor for Mobile Defense pods were changed to match regular defense pods so that the EHP is easier to compare.

Tenno Shields Update:

Shields and HP are two critical elements to keep track of in Warframe, but when fighting enemies it can be difficult to keep track of how much damage you’ve taken in the heat of combat.  This Update contains new visual and audio cues for when your Warframe takes damage in combat.  
When taking damage in combat damage will sound different depending on if your shields are down or intact.  Additionally shields ‘breaking’ have a new audio cue to help you better keep track of when your health is exposed to enemy fire.

Additional Sound Adjustments

This Update includes multiple improvements to sound immersion.  Among these changes are:
- Improved audio on bullet impact, making it easier to hear where shots as passing by (or where your rounds are being spent).
- Improvements to the Grakata's audio.
- Sliding will now provide different sound effects, depending on what surface the player is on.

Enemy Accuracy Adjustments:

There are a lot of variables that go into making an NPC more or less deadly, and accuracy plays a huge role in what enemies are most feared.  These new adjustments to enemy accuracy will dramatically change how players handle foes.
Each enemy will have increased (or decreased) odds of hitting a player based on the type of weapon they’re using.  Sniper rifles, for example, will have higher accuracy at long range but will be more difficult for NPCs to use in close-range combat.  Not only that, but our new system allows us to create custom draw rates that make some weapons more difficult for enemies to aim quickly with.
These changes represent an ongoing state of development for our NPC accuracy; and we welcome player feedback on this subtle, under-the-hood change to be made in the appropriate subforum.  

New Warframe Augments:

- New Augments have been added for the following Warframes, and can be purchased from the appropriate Syndicates:
- Ash, Rising Storm (Arbiters of Hexis, Red Veil) - Blade Storm’s Melee multiplier lasts 100% longer before it resets.
- Hydroid, Pilfering Swarm (Cephalon Suda, New Loka) - Enemies killed by tentacles have a 100% chance at additional drops.
- Rhino, Piercing Roar (Steel Meridian, Perrin Sequence) - Enemies within 25 meters will suffer from a puncture proc.


General Additions:

- A Mastery test for Rank 18 to 19 has been added!
- Councillor Vay Hek will no longer require a key to access. He is now a boss on Earth that can only be accessed by Mastery Rank 5 and above Tenno.  Vey Hek beacons and Key / Key Blueprints may one day serve a future purpose...
- Syndicate Leaders and Medallion turn-in representatives have been given idle animations.
- New Cache locations have been added to the Void!
- Added Void Key Rewards to Alert Missions
- Syndicate allies will now aid your fight in Syndicate Missions!
- Syndicate hostages are now being held in Syndicate Rescue Missions!
- Loot waypoints can now be set for Syndicate Medallions, Oberon Blueprints and Stalker weapon Blueprints.  These waypoint markers will be much clearer in what you’re alerting your squadmates of.
- Our Codex 2.0 Contest winners have had their art added to our Codex!
- Eyes of Blight Dojo Trophies have arrived and will be given to all Clans who participated in the event!

Weapon Changes

- Increased the Base Damage on Aklato from 12 to 18.
- Increased ammo capacity for Sicarus Prime to be a proper multiple of 3 (from 20 to 21).
The following changes have been made to the Rakta Ballistica:
- Increased charged bolt damage of Rakta Ballistica from 100 to 300.
- Increased uncharged bolt damage of Rakta Ballistica from 25 to 75 per bolt.
- Rakta Ballistica is now a fully Silent weapon.
- Rakta Ballistica’s crit chance has been buffed from 15 to 20 on charge.
- Ratka Ballistica’s damage on charge has been changed to 5 Slash, 5 Impact, 90 Puncture.
Kohm Changes
- Kohm now uses traces instead of projectiles (to improve performance). 
- Stats reverted to original values (the values it originally released with before we started changing it). We will continue to monitor for performance and balance issues. 

Warframe Changes:

- Mirage is now able to gain energy from Team Energy Restore items while her Prism Ability is toggled on.
- Ember’s Fire Blast has had a mechanic added. In addition to placing a ring of fire on casting location, it will now also generate a growing wall of fire (like the Arson Eximus ability).
- Updated visual effects on Ember’s casting animations.  Ember should now be a little brighter when summoning fire.
- Saryn’s Molt will now transfer enemies that ‘latch on’ to Warframes (Brood Mother Maggots, Swarm Moa Swarms, etc) instead of destroying them.
- Oberon’s Hallowed Ground will no longer create a second AoE effect on a second cast when the Hallowed Eruption Mod is equipped.
- Casting Frost’s Snow Globe inside of a Snow Globe you previously created will combine the health of both globes, eliminating the old Globe in the process. This will allow for greater combat visibility as your view won’t be obscured by opaque stacked Snow-Globe walls!
- Frost Prime’s Ice Wave now has a bit of Prime flair to its visual effect.
- Mag Prime’s Crush now has a bit of Prime flair to its visual effect.
- Increased damage bonus to Excalibur’s Furious Javelin Mod.
- Updated audio and visual FX on Volt’s Shock Ability.  
- The following Augment Mods have had their duration increased from 24 seconds to 40 seconds, and their damage reduced from 125% to 100%
- Ember's Fireball Frenzy
- Frost’s Freeze Force
- Oberon’s Smite Infusion
- Saryn’s Venom Dose
- Volt’s Shock Trooper
- Nova’s Neutron Star Augment now has a max  range of 8 meters, in addition to some slight camera shake for effect.
- Made minor visual and audio FX changes to Frost’s Avalanche ability.
- Removed the initial radial damage of Ember’s Fire Blast, damage and the Heat proc now occur on the shockwave as it expands.
- Removed the white flash that occurs when transitioning into Loki’s Invisibility.
- Syndicate Medallions have been increased to provide 500, 1000 or 5000 Standing depending on Medallion rarity.
- Restored Volt’s speed trail visuals.

Archwing Changes:

- Increased the Itzal Archwing’s Fighter Escort Ability to 20.
- Added visual effect for Itzal’s Fighter Escort drones exploding once the Ability expires.
- Itzal Archwing’s Support Drones will now gain the same color tints of the Archwing.
- The ‘bounce’ effect that occurs when hitting an object has been reduced.  This should help eliminate any pinballing when hitting a wall in close-quarters.

Syndicate Changes:

Syndicate Daily Quests for Standing have received an Affinity overhaul!  These changes should make Syndicate Missions much more rewarding to complete, in addition to decreasing the Daily Syndicate Standing Cap for non-Syndicate missions.
- Syndicate Daily Missions now give double the Standing they did previously.
- Daily Standing caps for non-Syndicate missions for have been reduced by half (remember, this cap is determined by Mastery Rank).  For example:
- MR 0 could earn 2000 Standing before, now 1000.
- MR 1 could earn 4000 Standing before, now 2000.
- MR 2 could earn 6000 Standing before, now 3000.
- Syndicate Mission Medallions have new standing values:
- Common Medallions are now worth 500 Standing
- Uncommon Medallions are now worth 1000 Standing
- Rare Medallions are still worth 5000 Standing

Mission Reward Changes

The following Missions / Rotations have been updated to include a pack of 5 Rare Fusion Cores as a reward:
Hard Survival Missions (Enemy Level 20+), reward available on Rotation A .
Hard Interception Missions (Enemy Level 20+), reward available on Rotation B.
There are now three Missions / Nodes where players can acquire non-endless T4 keys:
Saturn: Iapetus
Mars: Augustus
Jupiter: Callisto
Stephano,Uranus  Caelus,Uranus Cerberus,Pluto  Draco,Ceres Berehynia,Sedna and Opik,Phobos all qualify as hard
Additionally, the following changes have been made to these Missions / Nodes
Level-Appropriate Dark Sector Survival Missions have also had Rare 5 Cores added to Rotation A.
Mars: Wahiba is now a Medium Difficulty Mission (Enemy lv 10-19)
Fixed Europa: Ose not using the Interception Rewards.

General Changes:

- Improved audio quality on Fusion MOA firing sounds.
- Increased Sugatra size on Jat Kittag.
- Slightly lowered the speed in which Mag’s Pull Ability will drag enemies and items towards you.
- Resource boosters now apply to Dojo color pigment drops. (Note: because pigments drop at 100% from their enemy types, for pigments, drop chance boosters are treated as drop amount boosters)
- Players can now be able to see downed allies through walls via an outline.
- Rewards for quests/missions in the World State Window will now be much easier to see, whether you’ve already obtained the reward or not.
- More recent Corrupted Mods were given an increased drop chance to give players better odds at being able to get them.  Now that some of the shine has worn off, all Corrupted Mods are being given the same % drop chance.  This means you’ll now have an equal shot at any Corrupted Mod on your Vault Runs!
- The Prisma Gorgon is now tradable!
- Improved movement physics on the Yamako Syandana.
- Weapons that are tradeable can no longer receive login reward XP.
- Reduced the bloom values in the Dojo Tenno Lab.
- Archwing Weapons will now be included in player profile stats.
- Lighting adjustments have been made to Tenno Relays.
- Various art updates have been made to Tenno Relays.
- Reduced the number of locked co-op doors in the Corpus Gas City tileset for Rescue and Intel game types.
- The Tar-Mutalist Moa, Sapping Osprey and Infested Alad V will now have their damage scale based on their level.
- Improvements have been made to glass and distortion effects in game!
- Sinister Reach will now extend the Amprex’s chain lightning effect.
- Updated sound effects on player and NPC footsteps.
- The Lynx is now immune to Mind Control effects.
- Made various background art updates to Corpus Archwing Sabotage and Exterminate Missions.
- Updated the Deep Freeze Mod to give up to 90% Freeze damage to match other elemental Mods.
- Updated the North Wind and Shocking Touch Mods to give up to 90% damage to match other elemental Mods.
- Attempting to convert an Arcane Helmet will now display a warning message to confirm your decision.
- Updated Natural Talent to now be a Rare Mod on Interception drop tables.
- Adjusted Ducat selling price of common Prime Parts from 50 to 10.
- Increased the amount of Fusion Cores you get in Void Survival Rewards depending on tier of Survival being played.
- Added a 3 x Orokin Cells to TIII Survival Rewards.                                                                                             
- Some Mission Ndes have been changed to the Grineer Galleon tileset (previously, Grineer Asteroid).
- The bloom on Mutalist Incursion Tactical Alert Badges has been reduced.
- Reduced particle effect trails for Kohm’s projectiles.
- Player HUD and targeting reticule will no longer display in Relays.
- Wall running instructions in the beginning tutorial should now be easier to read and see.
- Mission Extraction cinematics will now cancel all emotes and actions.
- Various NPC changes have been made within Syndicates, adding more life to those who live there.
- Nightmare Mode nodes now have an updated Icon on the Star Chart.
- Made audio improvements to Mission Transmissions.
- Adjusted the Kohm to shoot a maximum of 5 pellets, in addition to dropping the fire rate but boosting projectile damage to compensate for dps.  This should keep the Kohm’s damage relatively unchanged, while helping cut down on the graphical latency caused by the weapon.
- The World State Window will now show quests that you can start, in addition to incomplete quests.
- Added large viewing screens to the Relay Concourse.  
- New Rescue Mission on Jupiter.
- Phobos Rescue tile was reworked for Rescue 2.0.
- Rescue hostages will now stick closer to players, instead of moving at their own pace.
- Rebalanced the MK1 Paris easier to use with comparable damage to the MK1 Braton.  
- Void Mobile Defense maps have been reduced in size to cut down on the amount of travel Tenno need to do.
- Slightly reduced the Shield Osprey’s beam radius.
- Removed puddle of water that would occur around ice floor panel in Void tilesets.-
- Defense and Interception Syndicate Missions are now worth 50% more Standing, due to a lack of Medallions in this Mission type.
- Added new reverb effects to the Corpus Gas City tileset.
- Added new reverb effects to the Grineer Forest tileset.
- Updated the Telos Syandana to accept custom tints.
- Updated sound of Warframe footsteps in water.
- Adjusted Volt’s Shocking Speed Augment visuals to be a little more subtle.
- Improved silenced weapons (with use of Mods) audio from -4dB to -6dB.
- Players should now be able to clearly see the short pulse of Frost’s Snow Globe that indicates its invulnerability period.
- Updated reverb sounds to Grineer Forest tileset.
- Added teleport triggers on Corpus Ice Planet to help escape certain holes in level.
- Made changes to Dynamic Lighting that should improve the quality of fog, shadow falloff, lens flair usage, and bloom.
- Reverb options have been added to the Audio Options menu.
- Made various tweaks to reverb effects on tilesets and against certain objects.
- Made various tweaks to reverb effects on weapons.
- Made changes to Grineer Spy Vaults that should make gameplay objectives a little more clear.
- Updated audio quality on the Grakata.
- Updated accuracy on NPCs using beam weapons.  Beam-wielding enemies will now sweep their weapon after the player smoothly, with their accuracy reduced by players sprinting, or performing general acrobatics.  This should make avoiding enemy beams much more clear, and will also make NPCs firing beam weapons less confusing to fight against.
- Items found within Rare Loot Crates will no longer display their contents on discovery.  Players will now see exactly what they’ve received from loot crates on the End of Mission screen once the Mission has been completed.
- Void Reward Items have been added back to Sabotage Caches as a result of the above change!
- Cleaned up blue corners seen around rewards displayed in Survival.
- Various changes were made to help optimize audio reverb for tilesets and weapons.
- Audio reverb applied to Orokin Derelict tilesets.
- Players will now gain Affinity for enemies killed by nearby NPC Syndicate Allies.
- The Stalker, Gustrag 3 and Zanuka will no longer be summoned in Syndicate Missions.
- Life Support drop rates in Survival have been slightly increased at lower difficulties and when solo.
- Kubrow should less frequently walk in front of the player while the player is shooting/attacking.
- Basic information about each Mission will appear when highlighting a node that has multiple Missions.
- Players will now receive a notification when trying to chat in a channel they’ve been banned or muted in.
- Reduced the number of scans required on the Bomb in the Once Awake Quest.
- Lowered hacking difficulty on Void Sabotage Missions.
- Visual improvements have been made to the Yamako Syandana.
- Crossfire Missions now have unique Lotus Transmissions.
- Various changes and additions have been made to Corpus and Grineer spy vaults.  Better keep an eye out when exploring Spy Mission maps!
- Orokin Ducat has been renamed to Ducat.


- Fixed visual effects on Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones when using the Panthera.
- Fixed Poison and Gas procs inappropriately stacking visual effects, causing characters to glow.
- Fixed the Itzal Archwing’s Fighter Escort drones explosion range not properly increasing as you rank up.
- Fixed Mag’s Greedy Pull Augment not picking up items within range on client, due to host registering items as being further away.
- Fixed instances of the player becoming stuck in the ATV on Corpus Hijack Missions.
- Fixed the Panthera not appearing on the ground for pickup when player becomes disarmed.
- Fixed creative (but unintended) parkouring that allowed players to reach unfinished levels of the Relay.
- Fixed host migration triggering a replay of Lotus’ broadcasted Mission alerts.
- Fixed visual issue with Flux and Spectra laser beam appearance.
- Fixed clients showing as muted in the UI when connecting to a session in progress..
- Fixed players getting a broken ‘End of Match’ screen at the end of Dark Sector Missions.
- Improved Yamako Syandana’s collision for female Warframes using the Noble Stance.
- Fixed Stalker causing missions to enter lock-down and be unbeatable on Key Missions.
- Fixed an issue where any changes made to the Gear in your inventory would only save if you were changing something else within the Arsenal as well.
- Fixed issue that would cause in-game options to reset upon logging in.
- Fixed Void and Orokin Derelict Missions showing up as ‘Mercury’ when viewing player activity in friends list.
- Fixed issue with Syandanas not properly resting on Rhino.
- Fixed a potential issue with host election if you stayed in a lobby for a long time.
- Fixed grey lines on numerous Immortal Skins.
- Fixed an issue where queuing up an air attack and then landing before the air attack started, would stop all melee action until you finish holstering.
- Fixed clients not seeing the “explode effect” when picking up items.
- Fixed players not being removed from the squad list when crashing/terminating abruptly.
- Fixed spelling error on Saryn’s Regenerative Molt Augment.
- Fixed Itzal Archwing’s Codex entry to display a Warframe wearing the Itzal in the diorama.
- Fixed issue caused by Host inviting players to a party when set to Friends Only while party members are set to Public.
- Fixed performance issues caused when moving through connecting rooms on Corpus Outpost.
- Fixed player weapons still appearing on the ground after they’ve been disarmed by the Grineer Drahk Master just before exiting and rejoining the Mission in progress.  
- Fixed issue that would prevent players from logging in due to a script error in Clan MOTDs - please note this issue only affected languages with non-Latin characters.
- Fixed players being able to perform emotes while in a bleedout state.
- Fixed players still being able to acquire overshields when shields are being depleted from environmental ice effects.
- Fixed Mag’s Greedy Pull moving weapons disarmed by the Drahk Master, making the weapon unrecoverable.
- Fixed some weapons not using the correct damage multipliers.
- Fixed the Viper not having the correct tint on its Forest camouflage skin.
- Fixed an issue where the player’s Warframe in the Arsenal would not visually change weapons when switching between loadouts that were missing Primary and Secondary weapon slots.
- Fixed player names showing up as decimals in public chat channels if the player name is mostly numerics.
- Fixed Captain Vor falling through slopes when teleporting.
- Fixed issues that could arise when moving from terminal to terminal within the Liset’s quick menu.
- Fixed players not being able to delete Alliance invitations if they received the invite when they were no longer in a Clan, already in the Alliance, or if they are no longer the leader of a Clan.
- Fixed the Panthera’s alternate fire causing the razor blade to fly backwards when pressed rapidly.
- Fixed various issues caused when a host migration occurs during a Grustrag Three appearance.
- Fixed a twist in the Yamako Syandana that made the adornment look unusual.
- Fixed picking up Energy Orbs as a client not reflecting on your energy pool when you have an Ability active until the Ability ends.
- Fixed Mag’s Greedy Pull Augment not properly using its full range for other clients when relocating items.
- Fixed an issue with Mesa’s kills with Peacemaker not accounting properly as kills from the Warframe. This should rectify issues with suit XP not being earned at full value.
- Fixed ragdolled enemies suddenly disappearing.
- Fixed the weapon trail for the main hand Dual Heat Sword being dagger sized, inside of sword sized.
- Fixed clients not receiving the proper amount of health from Life Strike.
- Fixed players not being able to parry when standing on Hallowed.
- Fixed statistics for Archwing items not appearing correctly under Profile > Equipment stats.
- Fixed an issue where running would be cancelled into a walk animation when reloading.
- Fixed multiple item pickups occasionally causing a grey square to appear where the item’s art should be in the information feed.
- Fixed an issue causing a door in Orokin Void Survival Missions to never unlock.
- Fixed a rare issue where client could be disbanded from a squad before being able to join a squad they’ve received an invite to.
- Fixed the Jackal non-stop stomping players into nearby pits, forcing them into an infinite teleport loop.
- Fixed an issue in the UI caused by opening the Syndicate Offerings page followed by repeatedly pressing the Escape key (Pause Menu).
- Fixed various zoning issues on the Orokin Derelict tileset.
- Fixed ‘Hack Door’ markers appearing on locked doors in Rescue.
- Fixed areas of Archwing Exterminate Missions that, when entered, would cause players to become trapped by invisible boundaries.
- Fixed the portal in Void Sabotage being open at Mission start.
- Fixed the appearance of Slender Excalibur in Archwing Missions.
- Fixed ragdolled enemies in Archwing Missions becoming stretched.
- Fixed some enemies spawning inside of walls in Archwing Missions.
- Fixed Mesa Spectres getting stuck in Peacemaker.
- Fixed an issue caused by Oberon dying and respawning mid-duration of Hallowed Ground.
- Fixed players being able to see outside the level boundaries on Ice Planet Tilesets.
- Fixed Archwing turret corpses never disappearing.
- Fixed a typo in Cephalon Suda Syndicate Mission dialogue.
- Fixed an issue caused by Clans created with no name, or whose name leads with a space.
- Fixed Archwing’s vacuum effect crowding the screen with items.  Should now funnel to a single location.
- Fixed various issues causing broken objective markers on the Corpus Ice Planet tilesets.
- Fixed inappropriate skybox holes appearing on the Corpus Ice Planet tilesets.
- Fixed various collision issues on Corpus Archwing Missions that would allow players to fly through terrain into open space.
- Fixed players waiting in a lobby for other players timing out from a session.
- Fixed an issue where pressing spacebar while on the View Mission Progress screen will instantly abort the Mission with no warning.
- Fixed rewards on endless Missions not advancing when a player comes back to a Mission mid-AFK.
- Fixed localization issue on inbox message received after killing the Jackal.
- Fixed an issue that would fail to send Gifts if the Gift message ended in ‘\’.  
- Fixed the Syndicate Medallion count inappropriately resetting after death.  The counter will now always be clear as to how many Medallions are left in a mission.
- Fixed Trinity’s Link using the incorrect energy color.
- Fixed the Torid not dealing DOT damage to impacted target.
- Fixed white lines appearing on Tipedo during electric effects.
- Fixed chat that appears above player heads in Relays not respecting profanity filter settings.
- Fixed the Lotus making the wrong broadcast transmissions in Interception Missions.  
- Fixed an issue caused by dying when Nova’s Null star was active.
- Fixed an early detonation of Nova’s Null Star not removing the ability timer.
- Fixed clients spawning in the incorrect location on the Earth Defense tileset.
- Fixed security consoles on Corpus Ice Planet being difficult to see due to thick ice.
- Fixed clients seeing Captain Vor throw 4 Lightning Traps instead of 2.
- Fixed Captain Vor standing still and doing nothing during third phase of fight.  Will now properly shoot at Tenno skoom.
- Fixed any player being able to pick up weapons disarmed by the Drahk Master, instead of just the disarmed player.
- Fixed players having no way to recover the Datamass if it is not picked up at the start of the Corpus Gas City tileset.  
- Fixed redundant End Mission transmission that plays at the completion of the Once Awake quest.
- Fixed players spawning on top of one another (instead of beside each other) during the final portion of the Archwing Quest.
- Fixed subtitles at Ducat Kiosk being impossible to read, hidden behind the transmission image of Baro Ki’Teer.
- Fixed clients captured by the Grustrag 3 becoming removed from the Mission, even if no other players were captured.
- Fixed multiple errors caused by using ‘pause’ or ‘unpause’ functions during dojo pigment research.
- Fixed Clan names displaying in Hubs even when the option to not see such information was selected.
- Fixed issue caused by inspecting a player in Archwing Missions as a client.
- Fixed an issue that would cause the player to become stuck in low gravity by spamming jump attacks.
- Fixed combo finishers for Bladestorm not showing up correctly for clients.  Visuals should now match for client and host, in addition to the melee combo counter tracking properly.
- Fixed players no longer taking suffocation damage in Survival Missions if they revive after death once oxygen has been depleted.
- Fixed shoulder and leg attachments hiding player Emblems or Badges.
- Fixed an issue caused by switching to melee weapons while picking up an object, caused players to be unable to use melee weapons.
- Fixed an issue on the Grineer Galleon tileset that left visual holes in the environment textures.
- Fixed Energy Orb pickup animations not always playing on pickup.
- Fixed unusual squares found floating in Void Missions.
- Fixed Corpus Gas City Defense entrance door having no shadow.
- Fixed issue where dragging a Mod into your loadout will cause the Mod to look like its ‘damaged’ variant.
- Fixed Mirage’s HUD Eclipse Buff showing as going above 255% damage.
- Fixed an issue where ranged enemies would stop using ranged attacks after meleeing once.
- Fixed a HUD issue showing the Berserker Mod as 1% less than it should be.
- Fixed Syandanas clipping through Trinity, Saryn, Zephyr, Frost Prime and Limbo’s clothing and armor.
- Fixed players being able to see through a hole into space on the Void Capture tileset.
- Fixed Clan invites not properly allowing invited players into the Clan.
- Fixed issues caused by broken level overlays in Void Derelict tilesets.
- Fixed a large wheel that players could get stuck behind on the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
- Fixed Warframe Powers ceasing function after being mind controlled by Infested Alad V.
- Fixed issue that would cause Mission Results to not appear after completing a Mission and returning to your Liset.
- Fixed missing drop information in Codex for Sprag, Ven’kra Tel and the Lynx.
- Fixed the ‘Remaining Hives’ text disappearing once players have entered the first Hive room in the Hive game type.
- Fixed Glaive sound looping forever after performing melee attacks.
- Fixed the Buzlok and Twin Gremlin being unable to equip Terminal Velocity or the Lethal Momentum Mods.
- Fixed Corrupted Captain Vor not appearing after announcing his presence in a Mission.
- Fixed Corrupted Captain Vor teleporting through the floor, falling to his own death without providing any loot to the players.
- Fixed a room with no way to escape once lockdown occurs.
- Fixed Interception points in player Tutorial showing as under enemy control, despite being under player control.
- Fixed broken Mission Result screen that appears when finishing a Dark Sector Conflict.
- Fixed missing text during Lotus transmission after player cancels a dual in a Dojo.
- Fixed not being able to exit out from the Archwing menu of the Arsenal.
- Fixed a lack of enemies leading into the portal room in the first Archwing quest.
- Fixed a location that players could get stuck in Earth Survival tilesets.
- Fixed issue that would allow player to walk through a specific texture on Phobos.
- Fixed the text on the leaderboards showing as cut off in some languages.  
- Fixed the Astral Twilight Stance Mod not appearing in the Codex.
- Fixed Ember’s Fire Blast shockwave damage numbers not properly appearing.
- Fixed Ember’s Fire Blast applying a push velocity while player was blocking.
- Fixed Ceramic Dagger’s weapon trail not quite lining up with the blade.
- Fixed Bonus Affinity not displaying properly on the End of Mission results screen.
- Fixed an issue where Challenges were not being displayed when inspecting another players profile in a Relay or Dojo.
- Fixed unique energy colors not applying to the Telos Akbolto and the Vaykor Marelok.
- Fixed an issue that would occur when entering the pause menu while in the Relay Star Chart, causing all planets to be pushed out of focus.
- Fixed an error message caused by sending a player multiple Clan invites, prompting an error message in English for all language regions.
- Fixed players being able to open the Navigation and Star Chart after inspecting another player in a Relay, followed by opening the Menu.
- Fixed some enemy types not appearing on the minimap for clients, or showing up as enemies of the player that has the Enemy Radar Aura equipped.
- Fixed Zephyr’s Tornado not properly sucking up all eligible enemies.
- Fixed Zephyr’s Tornado climbing into the air to chase enemies already being tossed into the air.
- Fixed the client HUD not always properly updating its information.
- Fixed Syandanas not being attached correctly when a player inspects another player.
- Fixed an issue that caused NPCs to not shoot accurately at clients.
- Fixed Lieutenant Lech Kril not targeting any players in the double boss fight.
- Fixed Syndicate Missions all displaying as Mercury when looking at your Friends location.
- Fixed a turret inappropriately floating in Archwing Missions.
- Fixed a wide variety of missing Codex information; including missing art from various art galleries, weapons, and enemies for the Corpus, Grineer, Infested and Corrupted.
- Fixed players being able to slide along walls in Archwing missions.
- Fixed Stamina orbs in the Dojo becoming vacuumed up by Carrier for eternity.
- Fixed an issue where a handful of low-tier Syndicate Missions might not be generated due to high-tier missions occupying all the low-level Star Chart nodes.
- Fixed an ugly looking Groot Root.
- Fixed an exploit in Rescue where players could leave the hostage locked in the safety of their cell while completing the mission.
- Fixed visual issue on pillars in Grineer Shipyards tileset.
- Fixed various Missions not saving player Inventory at the start of the Mission.
- Fixed players being unable to melee after interacting with the Datamass in Deception.
- Fixed an exploit in Interception Missions that allowed players to use Hydroid’s Tentacle Swarm to put Interception points into an uncapturable state.
- Fixed a rare issue where the Node name and Mission type appear incorrectly when loading into a Mission in the left-hand corner.
- Fixed an issue with Saryn’s Venom not properly reflecting player’s energy color on cast.
- Fixed clients getting credit for completing Quest Missions if host aborts mid-Mission.
- Fixed issue that would cause a failure to load the final Mission of the Archwing Quest.
- Fixed players only receiving one reward in Excavation Missions, regardless of Mission duration. 
- Fixed an issue where Defense Key missions were not saving progress.
- Fixed crash caused by audio reverb settings.
- Restored Torid’s 20% base status chance.
- Fixed an issue with End of Quest screens being inescapable, resulting in a Force Quit. 
- Fixed an issue where claiming an item in the Foundry with no slots could freeze the UI. 
- Fixed AFK players not receiving End-of-Mission Quest rewards.
- Fixed players being unable to redeem Syndicate Medallions.  
- Fixed issues with Syandana placement on Loki Prime.
- Fixed Wyrm Prime’s energy colors not displaying properly.
- Fixed Boltor Prime’s material colors not displaying properly.
- Fixed various particle effects not functioning properly.
- Fixed an issue caused by inviting a player to a Clan that has not logged into the game.
- Fixed Quest Keys not appearing in the Key category of the Foundry.
- Fixed some Grineer Vaults containing Corpus style stairways instead of the proper Grineer type.
- Fixed Orokin Sabotage missions not being complete-able. 
- Fixed an issue with Medallian redemption on accounts showing '0' in inventory. 
- Fixed broken lighting in the Grineer tram tunnel on the Asteroid tileset.
- Fixed various Warframe color customization issues.
- Fixed various objects that players could get stuck on when playing the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
- Fixed broken facial texture on Steel Meridian’s leader in the Relays.
- Fixed the Prisma Veritux being untradeable.
- Fixed an issue that would occur when the player camera was too close to a ceiling.
- Fixed progression being halted in Void Sabotage by enemy alarms.
- Fixed HUD alignment issue if Exterminate triggers as an alternative objective during a Spy Mission.
- Fixed crash caused by trading with Baro Ki’Teer.
- Fixed credits picked up during Mission currently displaying incorrectly on the Mission Progress and End of Mission screen.
- Fixed issue occurred by host migration in Archwing Missions.
- Fixed an issue where moving quickly and vaulting over objects would result in getting stuck in place. 
- Fixed an issue with Defense missions not showing key type name in the rewards screen.
- Fixed female Steel Meridian characters having broken facial textures.
- Fixed an issue where viewing profiles could freeze the UI. 
- Fixed Nova Prime missing Gold tinting on her orbs. 
- Fixed missing Reverb elements across multiple tilesets. 
- Fixed ice visual effect that appeared on other various textures.
- Fixed Grineer Galleon ‘fly in’ cinematic playing when players start a Void Defense Mission.
- Fixed single-shot weapons not having the appropriate default rate of fire.
- Fixed End of Mission rewards showing as incorrect for Invasions (particularly Phorid drops giving wrong Warframe parts).
- Fixed players being able to wallrun against corners to go through terrain.
- Fixed hosts and clients not getting proper Loot Crate rewards when completing Earth Sabotage Missions.
- Fixed errors in displaying Mission Rewards from Loot Crates on the End of Mission screen.
- Fixed Archwing’s ‘item vacuum’ effect not working properly.
- Fixed players getting pushed inside of stairs and ramps just after performing parry finishers.
- Fixed incorrect energy color on Frost’s Freeze effect.
- Fixed an issue preventing refunds from older transactions from being properly delivered.
- Fixed a rare crash caused in the Arsenal when switching Loadouts.
- Fixed incorrect text spacing and casing in HUD.
- Fixed game freeze that would occur when accepting a gift in a Relay.
- Fixed players receiving inbox messages regarding Vey Hek Frequency Triangulator Blueprints.
- Fixed an issue caused by picking up Life Support when your Oxygen remaining was at 0%.
- Fixed MK1 Paris being sold in the Market for Platinum.
- Fixed players being kicked from Missions they are unqualified to join, instead of just preventing them from joining in the first place.
- Fixed an issue caused by purchasing the Soma in the Marketplace.
- Fixed various weapon idle animations playing in Hubs, when all weapon animations should be inactive.
- Fixed Neural Sensors and Neurodes having the wrong descriptions in the Market.
- Fixed issues that would occur with AMD cards during Archwing Missions.
- Fixed intense lens flare effects.
- Fixed menus not displaying after completing a Mission where pigments have dropped.
- Fixed long delay that would occur before a ‘Join Session’ option would open up after opening a Friend or Clan member’s details.
- Fixed issue where Stolen Dreams would become permanently stuck in the Quest log.
- Fixed error caused when a Quest item in the player inventory has not been used, but is registered as being used by the active Quest.
- Fixed login reward Blueprints not being properly labeled as Blueprints.
- Fixed melee finishers placing players underneath stairs at the end of the animation.
- Fixed melee finishers not registering on targets when the player is standing below the target on a staircase.
- Fixed physics related crash that would occur.
- Fixed a rare crash that would occur when loading into an Event Mission.
- Fixed enemies aiming at Hall of Mirrors aiming behind themselves, instead of at Mirage’s image.
- Fixed Sentinels not aiming properly at some enemies.
- Fixed an issue where extra melee dangles were being added to weapons.
- Fixed dynamic music no longer playing after host migrations.
- Fixed an issue where a host cannot rejoin a Mission they were disconnected from due to their player information still being registered to the squad.
- Fixed clients becoming stuck in the capture animation during Capture Missions.
- Fixed players being able to access the ceiling on Void Defense tileset.

Hotfix March 19th: 
-    Return D-Pad functionality for scrolling through the chat window user list / user locator / user context menu
-    Fixed players being unable to have Sprint bound to any of the controller face buttons
Strict Nat Proxies are now available on PS4:
These proxies will allow players to access matches that were previously blocked due to their router/network. You can find all the details here:
Hotfix March 24th:
- Frost Prime, Latron Prime, and Reaper Prime removed from drop tables
- Volt Prime & Odonata Prime added to drop tables
Hotfix 2 March 24th:
- Changed In-Market Prime Access Banners
- Added Volt Prime & Odonata Prime to the Codex
- Odonata Prime Blue Prints are now tradable
- Corrected Cephalon Suda and Perrin Sequence offsets on Volt Prime


Hotfix March 25th:
- Made Proto-Armor and Proto-Glaive purchasable in the market. 
Hotfix 2 March 25th:
- Fixed Polarity on Anniversary weapons. 
Hotfix 3 March 25th:
- fixed inbox issue : not receiving community messages if your inbox has not been initialized
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Didn't see anything about the kubrow tweak that PC got that supposedly had them NOT stand in front of you. Was nearly impossible to play last night since my kubrow won't stand anywhere else outside my zoomed in aim. Was awful and I thought it was worked on.


I enjoy using the kubrow, but ti's getting more than grating right now.

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Didn't see anything about the kubrow tweak that PC got that supposedly had them NOT stand in front of you. Was nearly impossible to play last night since my kubrow won't stand anywhere else outside my zoomed in aim. Was awful and I thought it was worked on.

I enjoy using the kubrow, but ti's getting more than grating right now.

Just learn to read

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