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Free Catalyst/reactor/forma Every 100Th Post, Free Frame/aw/plat Every 1,250Th Post


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This giveaway has concluded.




This post will be updated once the thread hits 15,000 posts and information in the post above will be copied here.


Post number 15,000 will be the last winning post as per the original rules stated in the first post of thread.


Following that, every 20th post will qualify for a free potato (therefore, every last post on every page) and every 100th post will qualify for a free frame/archwing from the market. No plat trades, only market gifts.


This will continue till post number 16,000, after which, I'll report this thread to be locked.


Stagnant giveaways are not my cup of tea and I figure doing random giveaways in region chat and/or the reddit community will be better/more fun. My thanks to everyone that has participated.


I'm going to give away 20,000 plat in potatoes. And up to 30,000 plat in warframes.


EDIT: Sorry console players, this is PC tenno only :(


How it works?
1) Every 100th post in this thread gets a free catalyst/reactor/forma. If you realize you're 100th post, please edit out your post and include your preference to make things easier, else I'll PM and ask you. I'll wait 2 days for a response before gifting you a Blue (Catalyst) Potato, since this game has more weapons than it does frames.


2) Every 1,250th post (this was changed from post 5000th onwards) in this thread gets a free warframe/archwing from the market. Take your pick, any frame/archwing you choose.

If you prefer, you can also opt for a trade and I'll give you 375 plat directly (which is the maximum amount a single frame currently costs in the market). If you realize you have won, please edit out your post and include your preference in (catalyst/reactor/forma, and frame) to make things easier.


Since every second 1,250th post win will also be a 100th post win, you also get to choose between a catalyst/reactor/forma.


EDIT: Pay it forward? Yes. If you win something, but instead would prefer to have it given to a friend/clanmate, post their IGN/username in your post.


EDIT2: Really didn't think this through, did I? Anyway, yes, you can win multiple times (and keep or gift it forward).


EDIT3: The plat trade offer applies only to the 1,250th post wins. 100th post wins can not opt for a plat trade of 20p nor opt to build up wins and cash in multiple wins as one. Sorry.


This giveaway automatically expires once the thread hits 100,000 posts. I might do something super stupidly special for the 100,000th poster.


Let's take the Off Topic category by a storm, tenno.


P.S: Since there's a 8 gifts/day limit, I might fall behind on gifts in case this thread goes crazy. Don't be alarmed if your gift takes a while to arrive.

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Guess this is as good a place as any to ask a very serious question that has been bothering me for a long time... 

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


How large is this woodchuck?


Are we measuring the wood in weight, volume?


What kind of wood?


The question simply does not provide enough information to be answered.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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