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[April 20 Update] Psa: Pvp 2.0 Dark Sector Armistice


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As the Armistice continues, a change will be going live at 4 p.m EDT today (April 20):


- Tributes (Credit & Resource) on nodes will be removed.

Plans for the Dark Sectors are still ongoing, but with no conflicts active Tributes will be removed until the new system is in place.


Thank you, Tenno!




PvP 2.0 is on the way, and like any major gameplay update we want the experience to be as smooth as possible for every Tenno.  While our primary focus has been creating a balance playing field within Cephalon Capture we do recognize that other elements of Warframe’s PvP environment deserve the same treatment -- particularly Dark Sectors.  


As a result there will be an immediate Dark Sector Armistice following the launch of PvP 2.0 to give our community of PvP Tenno enough time to enjoy Cephalon Capture and provide feedback on the adjustments we’ve made so far.  During this time we will be reviewing elements of Dark Sectors not present in Cephalon Capture that require fine-tuning under PvP 2.0.


This PvP 2.0 change will not affect Dojo Dueling but will roll out across all other Conclave nodes.  We’ll keep everyone informed on when Dark Sectors will come back online under the new ruleset, in addition to any future changes that may occur on our PvP focused game modes.



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A King of the Hill-style mode would be interesting. Your allies have to defend you while you hack a console, the team holding the "hill" gets Interception-style points as it progresses.


Similarly, Cephalon tug-of-war - the two Cephalon personalities together (bickering amongst one another all the while) are moved back and forth by a certain number of players from certain teams being by the cart - Hijack style.

Some how these announcements are always posted when I'm in between classes. lol


You are the Chosen One.

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Thanks for the heads-up. I love the efforts for balance that are happening.


Not all that impressed with CTF in warframe. I really prefer the objective-based Dark Sector Conflicts, but yes they are horribly unbalanced. Still they seem more entertaining with more to do than CTF.

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what's so good about this? 

lame ! alliances will just hoard credits like usual 


this does nothing about DS .. its just gonna be no more conflicts


if they would review DS in all that would be a good thing


on the other hand we have to defend all our nodes at the same time after the armistice time is over

=> we dont benefit at all.


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