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A Simple Idea For The "prestige" System


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I know DE probably has their own big ideas for how the "Prestige" system will work as a whole, and I can even bet they may have already thought this up; However, I wanted to post up just a simple little idea that may have been overlooked.


When you prestige, I can only assume everything will reset to be exactly like a rank 1 version of that weapon, minus the changed polarity. Well, I was thinking that it would be really cool if the rank didn't reset like everything else. This way, you'd have an easy and clear way of tracking just how much you've used your weapon.


It would go a little like this


Prestige 0 = 0-30

Prestige 1 = 30-60

Prestige 2 = 60-90



I know there could be problems with this system changing some numbers, (really big ranks could possibly stretch too far) but it would definitely be an addition I'd love to see!

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Although i'm not certain of exactly what you mean it feels like this is the typical way to go.


Start: lvl 1-30 weapon is leveled as usual

Prestige "1" Tthe first of the polarization slots is awarded at lvl "60", or rather the "second level 30" (double amount of exp compared to lvl 30).


To get to prestige lvl 2 how ever you would need to gather MORE exp. 

This is to keep players from earning a Top-level weapon to quickly. Leveling a weapon 8-9 times to the current "lvl 30" (to gather 8-9 x the experience needed to get to lvl 30) wouldn't take very long. 1-2 weeks, probably faster for some.


The XP requirements needed for a lvl 2-9 prestige weapon must scale (alot). Otherwise people will just rush this and start nagging again in a few days-weeks. Prestige - the word - is quite self explaining - it should involve an effort - it should be HARD to acquire.


It might not have to scale the same way as mods: 1 - 2 (P.1) - 4 (P.2) - 8 (P.3) - 16 (P.4) - 32 (P.5) - 64 (P.6) - 128 (P.7) - 256 (P.8) - 512 (P.9) - 1024 (P.10)

# = X times exp of initial lvl 30.

This would take forever and if you choose to do this at let's say P3 you would end up with a weapon with an output of a P.0  weapon with a HUGE climb for each lvl.


I don't know if this is a good way, but perhaps after you reach P.1 the weapon won't reset back to "level 1 @ 0 weapon energy" but stay at "level 30" (with full energy) and then the above exp-scaling would kick in?


Feel free to improve this, criticize or offer totally different ways to do this.
Keep in mind though that making the system too easy will just ruin it in the long run.

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Yeah, I'd really love the prestige system, if/when they implement it, to NOT reset the level of the weapon to 0, but rather to let us keep using the 30 mod points while earning towards whatever system they set up.


Ultimately each prestige rank should be much harder to earn - I actually like the current mod scaling system for this, even tho I hate the current mod scaling system :D

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