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Volt Or Mag?



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People Prefer Volt at Early Stages because of their Crowd Control.

But then again Mag also has pretty good Crowd Control.

You could always watch some Gameplay Videos. 

After all it's your Opinion on which one is better.

 - Mag


 - Volt Edited by SleepingGuy
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Both are damage frames and both do great damage. Weapon layout is more to your personal playstyle than anything. Look over the stat comparison on warframe wiki and check out their skill sets. Whatever one sounds better to you go with. Honestly they are pretty similar. Although some enemies have resistance to electric damage I.E. infested ancients. So in certain cases Mag will do better because of that. On the other hand electric damage has a greater affect on corpus so in the end it can even out.

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Mag has shield polarise, very good for defending the 3rd objective in Kiste mobile defense. The ult, with power efficiency and max energy increase mods, you can spam the ult about 3-4 times. With coil mag helm, it has good range. Pull is good for trolling, helping stuck teammates, getting those people to the objectives sometimes, moving AFK members to their doom, etc.


Volt has good ult, can deal more damage than mag's. Elec shield is good, too. But not the best.

Both are rather squishy frames, and mobile. 


Personally, I prefer Volt, for the damage output. I like to spam Shock.



But on a side note, Saryn is my favourite for DPS,

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I have Volt and Mag to 30. I think I prefer the Volt overall. His sprint power has saved my bacon many times. It is especially awesome on large defense maps - mainly for charging about picking up mods and reviving team-mates!

Mag is much better against infested, however.

Take your pick - they are both solid frames!

Good luck!

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When I first saw Volt I really though it was a godlike char: a shield, speed boost, aoe attack... But it has nothing the other characters can't do/ cope with. The maps compensate skills over speed, there are hundreds of "secret" ways through the levels, sometimes all you need is a wall-climb :).


Mag on the other side is a bit more peculiar: 1aoe atk (just like most frames); 3 situational skills.

When I discover what I could do with pull, it became my favorite skill :) [troll & anti-troll at the same time, perfect!]

Bullet attractor & shield polarize are still in a dark side for me in terms of usefulness, i'm gonna explore this a bit.



( @MoobsUK tyvm for the tip on using polarize for defense missions, never though of it!)

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Mag seems to have more utility than volt does in most of the situations I have been in and I think volt has really nice single target damage. I would choose mag if I were you. I think her Crush is far superior. 

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