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Frost Is Built, And Prime Is Waiting, Now Where?



My Frost has been built recently, and haven't used it. It's not a waste, for i'll just use it for some Mastery Rank so i could reach Rank 4 (which means, i may have the Hek while im farming level for my Prime, Woot!) sooner, then sell it and exchange for the prime :3 


      I'm currently looking for some Boss which is nice to level up (tired of good ol' Cap'n Vor) or a place where to level up Frost, My Volt is always at Psamanthe killing Hyena with a Gorgon Behind Volt's Shield :P. Some said Kappa is the best even it's still level 2 (not sure but it's pretty scary), but i'll reach that when i have enough level with Snow Globe and some Steel Fibre for Frost :3


 Thanks in Advance!

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You can camp inside your fully ranked snow globe while raining her with bullets with the gorgon.
And also, since her shields regenerate rather slowly, I also suggest pawning her with Lex and charge attacks with Scindo.

I don't really mind having the hard time with the boss. What I do mind is the goons she is with. Best of luck Tenno.

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