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Compilation of UI bugs


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Here is a compilation of UI bugs that I found recently.

Probably some were already reported, however...

It happened 2 times: I won 0 (zero) shotgun ammo boxes!

Infact no ammo boxes were added to the inventory.


The UI of the Contacts page is clicktrough.


This is a major bug: if you have a lot of mods in the inventory, you can't click on "previous", "next" and other buttons because they are displayed out of the screen.


The Gorgon accuracy value is misplaced.

Also the colors of the rifle change with the colors of the warframe, but in game it's displayed normally.

14805512_Warframe_2013-01-15_08-01-36-15.jpg 14805515_Warframe_2013-01-15_12-27-50-17.jpg

I got a Mag mod without description.


Uranus boss tag is displayed out of the screen.


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