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Frost is a versatile warframe able to defend anything and deal damage as well, especially against shielded enemies.
This skill is more or less unusable in coop matches because one of all the stray bullets usually sets the target free, the ideal fix would be for damage to shorten the skill rather than outright end it.
Overall, considering Freeze is single-target and hard to use at a distance, I think that an increase of duration and range from ranking up the skill wouldn't be out of place, infact ranking up the skill right now is simply a bad idea because it only increases the damage which is not the reason to use this skill either way.
As far as bugs go, freezed shield ospreys still protect the corpus and moas, currently looking for more things like that.
The damage/cost ratio is good, once maxed out casting 2 will deal a bit more damage than the ultimate and the skill also provides an easy way to hit enemies through objects. The range is very nice, though I wish the ice followed the terrain after encountering stairs or slopes (right now you just get flying ice or underground ice).
The skill is great, perfect for defending things, but it can still be useful during other missions. However even though the in game description says ranking it up will increases the duration, it lasts 30 seconds from rank 0 to rank 3; DE should look into this asap.
Also the skill is more or less useless against infested, sure it slows them down but it's not really worth the cost, so perhaps the wind inside the globe could blow away poison gas or runners could be unable to explode while in it.

I think you shouldn't be able to cast more that 1 snowglobes at once.
Typical 1000 damage of the ultimates (doubled on shields) with a tad of crowd control thrown in, balanced out by a short-ish reach. I just wish that enemies that came into the range after the initial freeze still took damage from the actual avalanche.

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Figure I would just go from frame to frame and reply to your posts :).  So, for Frost:


Freeze is the most situational of situational.  There is really one time that I have found this skill useful: defense missions where you want to keep one mob alive while the pod heals/people regen energy/gather items.  It keeps them frozen in place, does hardly any damage, and is relatively spammable, especially with 2+ energy siphons equipped in the group.  Other than that, the likelihood of useage is slim.  A delayed break would be nice, or a "chance to shrug off" damage might not be bad either.


I like ice wave, but I find myself using avalanche more.  The feel of an ultimate is just satisfying.  But, when energy starved, it is a great way of getting chargers off your back.  I haven't noticed the pathing issue but then again, I use it far less than I'd with I could.


I didn't realize snow globe actually didn't gain much from ranking up.  I am noticing a pattern with this, actually.  More and more skills seem to have relatively minimal to no benefit for leveling them.  Rather sad, really.  This skill is a staple, though, for defense type missions.  It doesn't do any damage.  Something that may be possible: maybe each rank gives a chance that mobs within would be frozen (like from freeze) for a few seconds, and breaks after so many hits/damage/chance to break.  This would stop the pesky infested that just rush into it, and those roly poly's that the grineer love so much.  I do mention it would be a "chance" to freeze, not automatic.  Maybe, say, every 2-5 seconds within, it ticks to roll a save chance: save = not frozen, just slowed, fail = frozen for x seconds.  Just a thought.


Avalanche is a decent ultimate.  Locks everyone in place, does solid damage, fun effect.  Not sure if this has a follow up freeze after it hits, should the target not die, but maybe it should.

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Figure I would just go from frame to frame and reply to your posts :).  So, for Frost:

Well thanks :]  replies are always welcome, especially when they include a thought out comment like the one you wrote.


Frost played much like I hoped when I started building him, the only skill that let me down was Freeze, I was expecting it to be more similar to Nyx's Mind Control in terms of duration and targeting mechanics, I can get used to the slow projectile but DE really needs to take an objective look at usefulness of skill.

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I do agree with your points, though I have found that, at least with my group of friends, the effect of Snow Globe often outweighs the usefulness of Avalanche on higher level missions.


Basically, for less energy you get a longer lasting effect that allows you to kite enemies, like the infested, while dealing damage to them with your weapons. In addition, the slow of weapons stacks with the slow of Snow Globe so suddenly things move ridiculously slow. It would be great to see it randomly freeze things though... lol.


Otherwise I completely agree with everything said here. Very good points.

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