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The Op Lex Pistol


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Every weapon is OP if you use it the right way. As right now, Snipetron is consider useless because most people are using it to kill mass numbers of weak enemies. Snipetron has way too high damage per second, over kill for weak enemies. Use secondary weapon like Aklato, akbolto, twin viper, to take out weak ones, save your Snipetron for the heavies. If you haven't run into heavies level 70+, then i bet you haven't seen how useless your gorgon would be when you try to burn it. I took like 50 bullets for my potatoed gorgon to be able kill the miniguns/fusion moas, which the minigun/ fusion moa already shot me half dead before i could kill it. Where as using snipetron, the miniguns/ fusion moa can barely shoot back before i could kill it (2 shots).


Actually I think this might speak to the future scaling problems of weapons/warframes as content beyond 55 develops. Right now everything is kind of tuned for a 55ish endgame (though you can't really call it endgame - more like a blank space where endgame will eventually be). I do have a question about how they envision dealing with the scaling of things as time goes on. There are other issues, such as how warframes will not scale the same as weapons with the current mod system.

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How is it worse than the snipetron? It has almost three times the reserve ammo, 2 more bullets per magazine, a bit more than half the reload speed, and fully modded, only does 2% less damage (against unarmored argets).



Now, specially for everyone i opened my excel and did some calculations.

Maximum dps for every weapon with all maxed damage mods (not including reload times, meaning as long as you shoot, not including firing speed either):

Lex: 1677,06

Snipetron: 2835,75


Maximum dpc (damage per clip, which is 4 for snipe and 6 for lex, multishot probability counted too, although roughly):

Lex: 9147

Snipe: 7562



Wait, dont cry NERF LEX.


Now, lets take ancient infested lvl50.

If we dont take all the freeze-fire-smth mods into calculation (where snipetron actually wins), but DO take armor-pierce, and maxed everything else, we shall have the following numbers for pressing the left mouse button once:

Lex: 224.84

Snipe: 807.5


Just do the calculations yourself.

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The only time you are safe to shoot all of your bullets in 1 go is when you fight against mobs that are very weak. And weak mobs can be killed with just lato.

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The title explains itself... The "Lex" pistol is Crazy!!! i have it level 30 and it currently can one shot kill light infected on the planet Europa... Crazy right? Tell me your opinions or any questions you may have! Thanks guys!


Clan: Canadian Gladhe8hers 


Crazy if your threshold for crazy is "occasionally not wearing a tie", maybe.


No, it's a very ordinary weapon, very low rate of fire and high damage per projectile. It's probably the best accurate weapon in the game, but its efficacy is highly situational.

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