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Orphaned Rocket Smoke Fx Appeared After Momentary Client Freeze.


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- I was a client in a 4 player farming run on Kiste, Ceres.

- We were at the final stage of the mission, defending the capsule.

- My snow globe over the capsule was about to expire, so I attempted to cast a 2nd.

- A momentary freeze occurred, where the framerate dropped to less than 1 frame per second.

- This lasted for ~4 seconds, after which the framerate returned to normal and the game continued to function as normal.


This is the first and only time I've had the client freeze on me in this way.

I've no idea of the cause, but the 'stop the world' nature of the event would make me speculate that it was either some kind of GC event (assuming there's a VM somewhere within the game executing managed code), a disc I/O event of some kind (though as the game is installed on an SSD, it'd have to be some pretty major disc I/O to cause a ~4 second pause), or perhaps the GPU simply barfed and demanded a pile of textures be reloaded.


Anyhow, after this event lots of orphaned rocket smoke effects appeared around the areas in which we'd been fighting.

I'm not sure if their positions corresponded to places that rocket entities had been destroyed, but given their proximity to where the fighting had taken place, it seems plausible.


- Nobody else in the game experienced either the momentary freeze, or the orphaned smoke effects.


Screenshots below:





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