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Kubrows Having An Aura Slot


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So, I wanted to swap the polarations of my Huras Kubrow, and I got the message "The aura slot polarity cannot be swapped", but as far as I know Kubrows dont have any auras at all. The message only appears for one certain slot, all other slots can be changed without any problems.


Edit: And no, I am not talking about the -I slot, of which every Kubrow has two. I am talking about the second slot in the first row, without a polarization.

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what are you talkin bout? Ofcourse they do have aura slot

I run 2x corrosive my friend too =2ppl 100% armor ignore

But i believe it refers to special I symbol that sentinels have for special cards like vacuum cleaner 

You are either joking or misunderstood my post. There are no auras for Kubrows, and I can easily put any Kubrow mod in this so called aura slot, I just cant swap a polarisation in it. Probably you also cant forma this slot, but thats just a guess.

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