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[Pvp] Stalker


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greetings fellow players / devs


since developers decided to introduce pvp, i belive the best way of integrating this is to make it similar to Dark Souls invasions mechanics. in short instead of stalker it's player who invade. bounty hunter of some sorts, just to grief players.


why? because it's fun


how it can work with lore? simple. there may be double agents within tenno who work for *incert faction* and lotus in same time.


how it will work? just like alerts. you will see several skull icons on map where you can assasinate group of players. level matching and balancing is up to devs.


how to invade? there may be secret misions / alerts rarely where you will be able to become rogue tenno (analogue of darkwraith in ds)


this type of mehcanics would not be any game or lore breaking.


i know this suggestion may have been adressed already and may be repedeatly, if so please do merge/delete it.


best regards


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This would be way more frustrating than stalker.

thats the point


Read FAQ, the only PvP coming soon is the duel system in clans dojo. 

this is suggestions forum, isn't it?

this is a suggestion. it have nothing to do with dojo.

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The upcoming answer to your post is most likely (with a 90% chance) is No.


This brings a problem to most new players because those who have everything at its max rank would be bullying new players into quiting the game early due to them having almost nothing while they get one shot by a troll that decided to drop by Mercury. This game focuses on the PvE aspect more due to everything being on the lines of PvE balanced. But since being balance in one thing, it's going to cause unbalances in another.


If this goes through, we can easily see someone with a Rank 30 Frame and gun set going into mercury and just killing as many low rank players as he can until they run out of Revives or make them rage quit. So no, this isn't going to be added.


You should be glad with the Clan Sparing they provided for the small filler of PvP they decided to add. Don't try to push it to the extremes like this... seriously, you're going to get a lot of hate :l

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This has been asked for multiple times, and like all the times before, this will be answered in the same way: Warframe will have duels, akin to Borderlands, as the planned peak of PvP. Anything else, especially in-mission player confrontation outside of amicable clan banter will not happen. This game has a PvE focus. There will be no adapted PvP abilities and weapons.


Sorry bud. I'm locking this.

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