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Elevator Bug


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I don't know if this is a bug or elevators just detest me. If you are in an elevator and you jump melee you have around a 40% chance to fall through the elevator and a 10% to fall THROUGH THE ENTIRE MAP! I am not kidding, you fall into space and see starts and stuff. then you begin falling into a black rectangle and at the top you see sace getting farther and farther away. Eventualy you hit the bottom and it teleports back to the top of the rectangle and fall again. You begin falling faster and faster untill you randomly appear next to the host and it said you died and you must revive. When you appear on the floor the the whole squad says somthing along the line of, "WTF!!! how u get ther. U scared me so mucvh i alsmost S#&$ my panmts!" (or however text talk and inability to spell goes).


 http://imgur.com/8HUkyEZ Here is one pictrue, I got alot more if you desire.


EDIT: As of 27 minuets ago I found out it is not only jumping that can cause this phenimon. Lag can also but you will not fall into space just down the elevator shaft and stay there.

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