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Datamass Slipping Through Floor


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 Had a recent occurence with a datamass falling through the floor on map.  On the space ship tile set in one of the elevator rooms the group I was with had lost a Datamass.  None of us realized when it had happened though there was a waypoint in the room.


 If it was easier to post screenshots I would, but the description should be okay.  When you enter the room, immediately on your left or right depending on which level you come from, there will be a small door leading to a side room with several lockers in it.  Next to that door is a wide archway.  The small room also connects to the section passed the archway.  The room has no other exits except for the elevator passed the archway.  You take the elevator up or down and when you get off, the room is basically mirrored on the other end.   If you came in and the elevator was on your left, then when you get off the elevator, the exit will be on your left.  There are usually a few randomly placed crates, barrels, or other debris settled in the room.


 When we had realized we had lost the datamass, we went back as close as we could to the waypoint.  The waypoint was basically on top of the room in the lower section, just inside the archway towards the elevator.  When we went up the elevator we could see the waypoint.  We tried for a few moments to get to it.  After we couldn't work anything out, a couple people exited including the host.  After the migration the waypoint dissapeared.


 While trying more things after that I put the data mass down.  I was standing in the archway and when the datamass dropped, it landed upright then tipped over and fell through the floor. It had landed right in the archway perpencidular to the threshhold of the arch and tipped as if it was only supported on the side away from the elevator.


 After it fell through, it took a few moments but then a waypoint showed up for the datamass looking like it was on top of that section of the room just like where the other datamass had ended up.


 When trying to recreate the issue, I also tried dropping datamasses in a few other archways and locations.  It seemed to usually drop facing the same direction no matter which way the tenno faced and in any "archway" that wasn't a door, if the datamass was perpendicular to the archway it would shake as if it didn't land fully supported.  As if it would roll off the edge of what it landed on, except that it was supposedly landing on a solid surface.

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