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[Bug] Grineer Mining Tileset Elevator In Space Hangar

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So I've noticed twice now that there is actually a sort of elevator in the Grineer tileset (as seen in Earth-Cambria) in the Space hangar area (Wide open area with presumably some ship and an area open to space for it to enter/exit the ship as you can see stars and all going by).


This elevator is at the end of this long hallway and has oddly enough, some Corpus writings that are actually a shout out to (Not my screenshots, but does have the writing I'm talking about). Normally there will be a sort of pit with a cylinder in the middle and several pieces of the elevator floor bounced around it.


First time I noticed the weird geometry it was an infested map so I thought oh that's cool they added some damaged systems because of the infestation. However you can go to the upper portion, usually where there are 1 or 2 mining machines for you to destroy and press x on a terminal. This raises the elevator up on the cylinder. The pieces are instantly snapped back to their proper position as it raises and when it finishes falls apart. 


There is a terminal (both of these aren't lit and so look a bit odd) at the ground that will lower the elevator which will then cover the pit but only momentarily as the superglue holding them together while moving instantly evaporates when it stops.


Anyways I managed to get stuck behind one of the plates. I was jumping around it when I suddenly could semi fall through a piece and then found my self stuck behind an invisible wall.

(Apologies for large image size ~2MB)


In this instance I had extended the elevator, that is the large piston in the center of the pit. I am basically facing the invisible wall, I could not walk any further. I tried to wall run up the wall just behind me but was still blocked by the invisible wall. I believe I'm 'behind' a part of the elevator floor that fell down and its not rendering it because there's nothing to render on that side, but its not letting me move through it because its solid. Hope this helps if you need more screenshots of where this happened I can provide them. (I'll shrink the images down a bit first so they don't clog teh intarweb tubes)


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