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Thinking About Putting A Potato On My Lex



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I am a Lex addict i absolutely love the gun. But the power is strong because of the slow reload speed, the fire rate plus the 6 bullet clip. 


On my post (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/42283-the-op-lex-pistol/) instead of people saying how good the pistol was they were saying it was garbage... with the lex you have to be accurate and have the ability to land %80 of the shots... but all the people are out there talking trash about it that the devs think that the gun is nerfed enough! so no chance of it getting nerfed.


Conclusion: This gun is the best thing since sliced bread... dont listen to what others have to say about this gun, It is worth throwing on a orokin catalyst


I Hope this helped :D

Clan: Canadian Gladhe8hers 

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I don't forsee a nerf for the lex, it's one of the few perfectly balanced weapons in my opinion- it's high damage and accuracy are adaquately offset by it's tiny clip-size, slow rate of fire, and slow reload time. At higher difficulties even potato'd and fully modded you still usually have to aim for the headshot to get the 1shot kill, and even at some of the lower difficulties there are things you just cannot kill in 1 shot. If anything on the Lex were to be nerf'd it'd probably be the base crit-chance which seems a little high, not that i rely on crit mods at all since most weapons have pretty garbage crit-chances.


Potato your lex, do it now, it's well worth it. The same goes for your gorgon, Boltor, Strun, Hek, Latron, dual ethers, fangs, scindo, fragor, glaive, and akboltos. Make sure these are potato'd they're all quite well worth it.



I wouldn't bother however potatoing the snipetron(still needs a slight buff to base damage, fire rate, clip size, or reload speed before it's taken out of the do-not-use-this-garbage pile), ether daggers, burston, grakata(200% crit damage still does not make it worth while given the painfully low base damage and uselessly low 7.5% crit chance), skana, lato, ankyros, pangolin sword, dark sword, bronco, etc.

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