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Infested and Radial Disarm = Disarmed and Dangerous


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I haven't managed to grab any screencaps of it yet, but using Radial Disarm near Infested enemies seems to delete the actual arms from their models. This doesn't cause any glitches with the art (the stumps have a bloody/meaty texture in place, so there's no 'holes') but they can still attack you.

Yes, as in their entire arms just vanish.

Ed: Screencaps, ho!


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If you guys notice, those infested have 3 arms. Two on the sides they attack with normally, one (fused?) in a perpetual facepalm. See a still/closeup of those infested goons. When disarmed, they attack you with their facepalms. :P

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I am proud to announce this bug is still present;


Taken in solo mode.

...and it has far worse side-effects. When I used it in the vicinity of Chargers, they immediately died. HP reduced to zero, fell over dead. Whilst this is a nice counter to Chargers since they're still a bit flakey on the balance front, it does seem a bit too good.

It also has interesting effects when used around Moa;


Taken in private co-op. I'm calling them Uni-Moa.

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