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~~|Tenno Sovereign Open For Recruitment!|~~

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Greetings my fellow Tenno, I am Tenno Sovereign's humble Warlord. We have recently moved up to a shadow clan and require more members to help us grow. We have a very nice emblem and Dojo for our members to enjoy | completed research | very friendly and helpful members who are always up for a good chat or missions | dedicated teamspeak server on the way | PvP section in the works (need members interested in it and its organization) | Tenno High Council Alliance | We're looking for players who are Mastery 8 or above, active, friendly, mature and above all a delight to be around :} I hope to keep the clan full of members looking for not just a clan but friends and a community to play with. 



If you have any questions or would like an invite/interview please message me.

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