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 What? So volt prime no longer has that insane energy level? And all caster frames got a nerf?



Edit: Yes, it's PVP only, I missed this one my bad. Please stop quoting me ;_;

Dont feel bad, I thought the same thing.

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Improve warframe hp in pvp atleast 10x or no joy to one shot/hit anyone, so then can use skills and combos and record good fights, now is rng boredom who hit first will win.

Please no, the TTK was high before, and it sucked.

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Still No fix for major user interface portions being unusable by gamepad users. There should be no problems in the main menu and relays in regards to the game pad ( or xinput compatible controllers ). As a quick idea, take a look at what the xbox one does for most of the user interfaces, since the user interface in most of these sections is nearly flawless for what users would expect for controller input in the user interface. The XBox one edition even includes the interface queues that would greatly improve the user experience on gamepads.


A quick checklist of some of the bugs i found are as follows...

  • The syndicate selector ( where you pick a syndicate you wish to interact with ) in lyset does not respond to the a-button.
  • The Market place tabs do not change when you use the left and right bumpers.
  • The Featured Page of the Market does not accept input from gamepad other than the B-Button.
  • The Foundry page does not respond to the left analog nor the d-pad to browse the entries.
  • The Arsenel modding page does not respond to gamepad input. The only part that responds is that the b-button works to exit.
  • The Arsenel color selector pages do not respond to left analog nor the d-pad to browse colors.
  • The arsenel gear selection menu does not respond to the left analog for selecting which gear item you wish to modify.
  • The Kubrow incubator does not respond correctly to game pads. The only thing I can confirm on this is that you can exit using hte b-button on the gamepad.

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Still no fix for the Halikar dealing half its stated throwing damage when thrown...

Seriously, I put Viral and Heat on it and throw it ANYTHING on Apollodorus and it STILL manages to do less damage than is listed in the Arsenal. Level 1 enemies do NOT have THAT much armor.



Still no fix for


Excalibur's broken immortal skin channeling effect.






Maybe that was how DE intended the skin to look all along?

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Fixed Chroma’s Effigy being hostile to players if spawned while Chroma is under the effects of the Radiation proc.


Why? that makes perfect sense. Why is it so necessary to remove that punishment from players that get the radiation proc. Every other warframe power hurts players while they are under radiation, but not Chroma?


Go home DE, You're drunk. 

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