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Hotfix 16.1.4


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Conclave Changes


  • Dual Sword melee combos have now been enabled in Conclave (ie- Dex Dakra)




  • Fixed issues with matchmaking if players had UPnP and NAT-PMP explicitly disabled.
  • Fixed issue that would incorrectly show that NAT-PMP had been detected.
  • Fixed animation timing for Excalibur’s Radial Javelin when used with cast speed Mods.
  • Fixed Darvo’s Market display not properly updating when transitioning between deals.




- Fixed total end-of-mission credit reward being doubled if Chroma's Effigy was active at the time of extraction.

Edit: This fix does not affect the extra credits received from enemies that were killed by Effigy during the mission.



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Still no fix for : 


1. New Boss Sigils arent dropping and arent in the drop tables , not showing in the codex


2. Asita Rakta Syandana cut in half after update 15.13 please fix to the original size 



3.If u bought Limbo u cant progress "The Limbo Theorem" quest without crafting him, but "The New Strange" quest is possible to progress if u bought Chroma

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Still no nerf for 1 hit volt/excal abilities in conclave?!?! Slash dash ONE HITS a full hp rhino and Volts Overload one hits rhino with full hp/shield AND full iron skin...AND goes through walls!


Not to mention excal radial javelin doesn't seem to do a very good visibility check as I get hit through the walls all the time with it....and ofc it one hits also...

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Still no fix for:


View being obstructed in Archwing when looking over the left shoulder



And still  no fix for the "Hold to Crouch" button having roll bound to it on controllers on PC (I realize this was intentional, but the console players have a button for "Hold to Crouch" without it making you roll. Why don't PC players?)

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still no fix for ogris accuracy with heavy caliber (at max rank, heavy caliber drops the ogris' accuracy from 100 to 1.7, compared to the 25.2 of most other 100 accuracy weapons.)

that's not bug, its how accuracy works (heavy caliber), it doesn't just reduce the number by 55% , it just increases somehow the angel the bullet is gonna take, and since the ogris has a slooow travel time it gets really off (like the torrid also)

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