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Update #3 is Here!


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Patch #3 is a smaller patch. As usual, relaunch your copy of Warframe to receive the patch.

Your build will display the following upon a successful patch: 2012.

- Fixed not being able to exit room after destroying Jackal

- Reduced damage dealt by Grineer rifles

- Reduced Dual Skana slide-roundhouse damage

- Added “Seasonal surprise”

- Improved rescue target’s pathfinding and animation cycle

- Beefed up the Gorgon rifle

- Fixed enemy name tag in tutorial

- Grineer shield regeneration tweaked

Community Notes: "Seasonal Surprise"

-... what could it be ;)?

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Yay, pumpkins.

Isn't it impossible to upload pics to the forum as of yet, and uploading pics to third-party sites gets you into trouble?


I've been uploading to dropbox to point out bugs and haven't gotten in trouble yet. :P

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Infestation extermination is still quite bugged. Usually I have to run mission twice to be able to kill every enemy because everytime I run some extermination for the first time some of enemies remain impossible to be found.

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