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Hotfix 16.1.6


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  • Made various localization changes for Portuguese and Chinese.




  • Added packet-loss tolerance to the network analysis to avoid bogus Firewall errors (evidently Singapore is difficult for some people to communicate with).
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Interesting. This post was made just before it deployed.


That actually seems to be something Adam's been doing lately. Maybe it's a new policy? Maybe Adam's going rogue? If the latter, Adam, could you maybe tell us the shade of Vay Hek's super-secret lipstick color?

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message received upon trying to start Archwing mission on Venus - Montes.


Please Hotfix and Hotfix pronto, thank you.


Unable to launch Archwing missions now.


Update:Appears top be a new bug I stumbled upon, will open a separate thread as this is not update 16.1.6 issue.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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