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So, I give up.


I finally received a message from technical support, to the effect of a dismissal.  I reported that half of my reward mods were disappearing, and it took more than a week to get a message that was basically "deal with it."



That would be annoying, but the real deal breaker is the constant crashing in the game.  Informed people might suggest that the crash reporting would be the fix...but that's stupid.  About half of my crashes suggest that I cannot connect to the server.  That's up from about 25% in the last week.  Apparently the "/unstuck" reporting is prolific, or the crash server needs to be put out of its misery.  So everyone gets it, a tracking number is not generated generated unless the server is contacted, and even then it's only updated if nobody else has contacted the server.  I say this because quite often I go from one crash, through a successful run, into another crash, and have the same reported number.  Kinda fishy.  So you can get an idea of this, here's the numbers from the last two days (with the "WAR-" omitted):



At this point, screw syndanas, color pallets, and cosmetics.  I'd be happy just to get a playable and stable game. I don't need "arcane" items that are so weak as to be useless, I don't need another dozen weapons that are either poorly balanced or completely useless (looking at you Synoid Gammacor and Pantera), and I don't need more broken game modes.  How about we see some payoff for the "year of quality."  As far as I'm concerned DE can take back everything since Archwing was introduced, and I'd only be kinda sad.  Chroma and Limbo would be losses, but not crashing every few missions would be great.

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Still no fix for the ultra lag i've come to get since U16... Could it be memory leaks? Other players with high end PCs are experiencing this too.

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  • Fixed the team select UI not being usable between Conclave rounds.
  • Fixed players joining Conclave in a pre-made squad being separated when entering Cephalon Capture



This is not working.

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