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Chroma Elements And Vex Armor Balancing

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Spectral scream:

Fire and electric can just by status chance, stun enemies so they cant do a single move for several seconds.

Ice/Cold: Cant stun enemies, its just slow them down but still melee atackers and shoters will damage chroma.

Poison: It doesnt stun and small damage like all other elements do, but it doesnt to anything to enemies.


Spectral Scream balancing:

Fire and electric: no changes

Ice/Cold: while using spectral scream your damage is reduced by 50% or you gain +100% armor

Poison: It should have 25% chance to stun enemies for 2 seconds because of poison get to their eyes


Elemental Ward:

Fire: +200 maximum health
Electric: +100 maximum shield


Elemental Ward Balancing:

Fire: +200 maximum health

Electric: +200 maximum shield


200 to maximum shield because 100 is too small ammount and Damage to health is reduced by armor. So giving to both 200 will balance it because Shield can recharge if not damaged and damage to health is reduced by armor.


Vex Armor:

To gain full armor recution from Scorn 350% you need to lose 400 shield

but to gain full fury 275% you need to lose just 100 health


Vex Armor Balancing:

Gain full potential of scorn you need to lose 300 shield

To gain full potential of fury you need to lose 200 health

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They should buff the toxic part of his 1, 2 and 4, as you say, toxic cant stun and the damage is kinda low so probably a heal based on the DoT would be a great addition to the toxic elemental ward and they should get a stun similar to fire/elec procs while they get a toxin proc.

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do not forget the abysmal range ward has 12m @ R3? soo useless. and effigy should emit a copy of ward (non stacking) when you have it cast.



I feel spectral scream has great potential but needs either a damage buff or a buff to its DPS/Fire rate.

and range. imo one of the most useless skill 1's cause of the heavy effect of range.

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I like this OP. Approved! :)


And yeah range on chroma is horrible by default and if you use Narrow minded to increase duration which is what he is all about then you lose so much team buffing range on Ward and stun/dmg range on scream. I think all the abilites should have fixed range or get doubled from what they are now.

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